Best Meals

BEST BUSINESS LUNCH: Engine Co. No. 28644 S. Figueroa St., (213) 624-6996 or

From corn chowder and chili to chicken pot pie, meatloaf and the weight-watching favorite wedge salad, there will be ample eats to devour with professional company in this power lunch jewel. If you see an attorney or banker you know, don’t be surprised.

RUNNER-UP: Sugarfish, 600 W. Seventh St., (213) 627-3000 or

BEST FINE DINING (TIE): Patina141 S. Grand Ave., (213) 972-3331 or

The splendidly appointed restaurant adjoining the Walt Disney Concert Hall offers both a $110 five-course tasting menu or a more modest $79 three-course dinner menu. Be sure to factor in your lust for veal cheek, Colorado rack of lamb and Alaskan black cod into your decision making process.

BEST FINE DINING (TIE): Water Grill544 S. Grand Ave., (213) 891-0900 or

Shellfish, fish sandwiches, whole fish, three varieties of wild Alaskan halibut and a host of turf-raised items are yours for the picking at this near legendary Financial District establishment. Enjoy the harvest of the seas and wash it down with a glass of wine.

BEST FINE DINING (TIE): Morton’s The Steakhouse735 S. Figueroa St., (213) 553-4566 or

In convenient proximity to both L.A. Live and the Financial District, the cozy confines of Morton’s the Steakhouse are the ideal gathering point for familiar meals and boardroom escapes. Or you can think of it as a journey to meat heaven.

BEST FINE DINING (TIE): Redbird114 E. Second St., (213) 788-1191 or

Smoke wafting upward from Neal Fraser’s grill constitutes easily the most aromatic scent since the area was reserved for citrus groves and other productive agriculture. Nowadays, you can indulge in lunch or dinner in a once-divine location where the flavor profiles will leave you questioning the validity of every meal you’ve had thus far.

RUNNER-UP: Faith & Flower, 705 W. Ninth St., (213) 239-0642 or

BEST BREAKFAST SPOT: Eggslut317 S. Broadway or



There are breakfast sandwiches and lunch sandwiches. You will dine on them and you will be happy. But be warned that that satisfaction will come after you have stood in a long line. This is a reminder that very good things come to those who wait.

RUNNER-UP: Nickel Diner, 524 S. Main St., (213) 623-8301 or

BEST BRUNCH: Bottega Louie700 S. Grand Ave., (213) 802-1470 or

On weekends, you can pop into the grand dining hall at Seventh and Grand where the options include lobster hash, eggs benedict and lemon ricotta pancakes. Or go for lunch items including a meatball parmesan sandwich and tartufo pizza.

RUNNER-UP: Perch, 448 S. Hill St., (213) 802-1770 or

BEST LUNCH SPOT: Mendocino Farms, 300 S. Grand Ave., (213) 620-1114; 444 S. Flower St., (213) 627-3262; 735 S. Figueroa St., (213) 430-9040 or

The ingredients are hyper-fresh. The bread comes from nearby Drago Bakery. The sandwiches, salads and sides are all made upon your demand. Plus, everyone behind the counter is nice and smiles at you.

RUNNER-UP: Bottega Louie, 700 S. Grand Ave., (213) 802-1470 or

BEST DINNER: Bestia2121 E. Seventh Place, (213) 514-5724 or



From the persimmon salad antipasti to the burrata pizza to the ricotta dumplings and 37-ounce pork tomahawk chop, the Bestia dinner menu promises to delight and invigorate before completely eviscerating your opinion of other restaurants.

RUNNER-UP: Morton’s The Steakhouse, 735 S. Figueroa St., (213) 553-4566 or

Best Cuisines

BEST AMERICAN: Clifton’s648 S. Broadway, (213) 627-1673 or



Not only does the buffet-style cafeteria serve everything from pizza to burgers to turkey dinners, so too is the decor utterly and absolutely American. From taxidermy to an artificial simulacrum of a redwood tree, the full flight of postmodern Americana is on display.

RUNNER-UP: Nickel Diner, 524 S. Main St., (213) 623-8301 or

BEST ASIAN FUSION (TIE): Wokcano800 W. Seventh St., (213) 623-2288 or

The stalwart Seventh Street fixture with the pan-Pacific cuisine and the daily 3-7 p.m. happy hour and 10 p.m.-2 a.m. drink-only reverse happy hour is almost never empty. It’s not hard to figure out why.

BEST ASIAN FUSION (TIE): Chaya Downtown525 S. Flower St., (213) 236-9577 or

From sushi to short rib, diners will be treated to a culinary tour of Asia without leaving Downtown. What makes the experience better? Having that meal on the lovely patio, of course.

RUNNER-UP: Little Sister, 523 W. Seventh St., (213) 628-3146 or

HEAD-TO-HEAD BEST GELATO: Gelateria Uli541 S. Spring St., (213) 900-4717 or

The gelateria with the pretty sign in the Spring Arcade Building is a reward for anyone who makes all gone after a meal at its next-door neighbor Guisados. Or skip the tacos and sample the frosty, fresh-made delights. Have a coffee, too.

BEST ICE CREAM YOGURT: McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream317 S. Broadway, (213) 346-9722 or

Lest the hot fire of all the radical food options at Grand Central Market singe your tongue, for the scoopers at McConnell’s will sell you a dollop of mint chocolate chip that will alternately delight your taste buds and lower your body temperature.

RUNNER-UP: Yogurtland, 130 S. Central Ave., (213) 687-0733 or

BEST BAKERY/DESSERTS: The Pie Hole714 Traction Ave., (213) 537-0115 or

The sheer inventiveness of The Pie Hole’s signature sweets is heavily augmented by a selection of savory pies that are not to be trifled with. Enter at your own risk. Addictions have been made here.

RUNNER-UP: Big Man Bakes, 413 S. Main St., (213) 617-9100 or

BEST CAJUN FAVORITE: Little Jewel of New Orleans207 Ord St., (213) 620-0461or

BEST CAJUN FAVORITE: Little Jewel of New Orleans

BEST CAJUN FAVORITE: Little Jewel of New Orleans

One part market, another part deli, the Chinatown oddity is practically bursting with tastes from the Crescent City. Is that catfish? Yes, yes it is. Thank you chef/owner Marcus Christiana-Beniger!

RUNNER-UP: Little Easy, 216 W. Fifth St., (213) 628-3113 or

BEST CHINESE: Peking Tavern806 S. Spring St., (213) 988-8308 or

Delightful dumplings, notorious noodles and a selection of Northern Chinese hand foods make for full stomachs and fortuitous portents of a quick return at Spring Street’s basement capital for Chinese food.

RUNNER-UP: Yang Chow, 819 N. Broadway, (213) 625-0811

BEST DIM SUM: Golden Dragon960 N. Broadway, (213) 626-2039

From 8 a.m.-10 p.m. seven days a week, you too can drag your broken, weary, hungry form to Golden Dragon for a quick dumpling pick-me-up. Or, utilize Eat24’s delivery service and have your mind blown at home.

RUNNER-UP: Ocean Seafood, 750 N. Hill St., (213) 687-3088 or

BEST FARM TO TABLE-ESQUE: Bestia2121 E. Seventh Place, (213) 514-5724 or

The staggering freshness of the homemade pasta will have you comparing the goods at Bestia to the spaghetti your grandma used to make from scratch. What’s that? Your grandmother wasn’t Italian? Well, that’s beside the point — Bestia is darn fresh. Actually, its food is better than grandma’s, but keep that to yourself.

RUNNER-UP: Tender Greens, 505 W. Sixth St., (213) 873-1890 or

BEST FRENCH: Le Petit Paris418 S. Spring St., (213) 217-4445 or

Newcomer Le Petit Paris is a welcome addition to the 400 block of South Spring where their daily specials, flowing bar and Francophile menu enliven and delight. Be sure to stop in at the little market, too.

RUNNER-UP: Church & State, 1850 Industrial St., (213) 405-1434 or

BEST GASTROPUB: Library Bar630 W. Sixth St., (213) 614-0053 or

It’s intimate. There’s an ample supply of craft cocktails and quality beer. Tasty small-plate options are available. The lights are turned down low. There will likely be at least one lawyer on hand, expensing drinks to the firm. Sounds like a superlative gastropub to us.

RUNNER-UP: Peking Tavern, 806 S. Spring St., (213) 988-8308 or

BEST INDIAN: Badmaash108 W. Second St., (213) 221-7466 or

BEST  INDIAN: Badmaash

BEST  INDIAN: Badmaash 

Tucked between Pitfire Pizza and The Edison, you’ll find this lovely testament to the cuisine and its constituent spices. Enjoy the colorful murals of Gandhi as you sample dishes like the Badass Chicken Tikka and the Chili Cheese Naan 2.0.

RUNNER-UP: Gill’s Cuisine of India, 838 S. Grand Ave., (213) 623-1050 or

BEST ITALIAN: Bestia2121 E. Seventh Place, (213) 514-5724 or

Bestia is the gold standard for inventive cuisine from that boot-looking country where preparation, delivery and quality of ingredients matter just as much as how full you feel upon departure.

RUNNER-UP: Maccheroni Republic, 332 S. Broadway, (213) 346-9725 or

BEST JAPANESE: Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant811 Wilshire Blvd., (213) 236-9600 or

Of course there is sushi and sashimi galore. But let’s not neglect the full selection of steaks and poultry as well as the more unorthodox menu items in the vein of ahi tuna tartare and so-called Japanese tacos.

RUNNER-UP: Shabu Shabu House, 127 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, (213) 680-3890 or

BEST SUSHI: Sugarfish600 W. Seventh St., (213) 627-3000 or

You can thank the Seventh Street granddaddy of rolls for the Main Street hand roll spin-off KazuNori. We would be remiss, though, to get ahead of ourselves. Sugarfish’s glory reigns supreme with a variety of fresh fish-crafted selections that go down ever-so-easy.

RUNNER-UP: Sushi Gen, 422 E. Second St., (213) 617-0552 or

HEAD-TO-HEAD BEST POKE: Ohana Poke130 E. Sixth St., (213) 265-7561 or

For the laymen, think of it as a rice bowl that has become enamored with the grill-less simplicity of sushi. For the poke enthusiast, think of it as a neighborhood favorite dominator of the poke arts.

BEST KOREAN: Korea BBQ House323 E. First St., (213) 680-1826 or

The Little Tokyo haunt promises a variety of meats to be grilled table-side in a DIY exercise in expanding the lining of your stomach that heralds great peace and satisfaction.

RUNNER-UP: Seoul Sausage Co., 236 S. Los Angeles St., (213) 935-8677 or

BEST LATIN/MEXICAN (TIE): Guisados541 S. Spring St., (213) 627-7656 or



The Boyle Heights-born collection of stewed meats delivered on tacos made from outstanding masa has become a fixture in the Historic Core, where the extended hours promise both brunch and drunk food options, and the habanero sauce has become synonymous with masochism.

BEST LATIN/MEXICAN (TIE): Border Grill445 S. Figueroa St., (213) 486-5171 or

Contemporary Mexican is the order of the day in the Financial District as the sit-down classic offers a variety of fresh updates to old favorites. Be sure to pair it with a drink.

RUNNER-UP: El Cholo, 1037 S. Flower St., (213) 746-7750 or

BEST MIDDLE EASTERN: California Kabob Kitchen141 W. Eleventh St., (213) 747-9500 or

Persian eatery California Kabob Kitchen has a stated purpose of serving a “ray of joy and happiness.” Given our continued satisfaction with their sticks of grilled meat, we know they are meeting their aim.

RUNNER-UP: Kabab & More, 663 S. Hill St., (213) 955-6162

BEST MEDITERRANEAN: Spitz371 E. Second St., (213) 613-0101 or

Spitz is a testament to the ethnic melting pot that is Downtown Los Angeles. The finest in Mediterranean eating happens to be in Little Tokyo. Despite the temptation to take in the busy decor and warm lighting, you may just want to take advantage of the delivery option to enjoy your doner kebab at home.

RUNNER-UP: George’s Greek Grill, 735 S. Figueroa St. (213) 624-6542 and 350 S. Grand Ave., (213) 260-2358 or

BEST SEAFOOD: Water Grill544 S. Grand Ave., (213-891-0900 or

In 40 years, when receding polar ice caps flood coastlines around the world, Water Grill will have quality beachfront property to back up the fine caliber of fresher-than-fresh seafood served in house. For now, you’ll have to content yourself by writing off your fine crab meal as a function of fine port-to-city fish couriers.

RUNNER-UP: Fisherman’s Outlet, 529 S. Central Ave., (213) 627-7231 or

BEST STEAKHOUSE: Morton’s The Steakhouse, 735 S. Figueroa St., (213) 553-4566 or

Prime beef and seafood are the twin pillars upon which you must rest the well-earned faith in Morton’s that keeps you from filling up on dinner rolls. 

RUNNER-UP: Pacific Dining Car1310 W. Sixth St., (213) 483-6000 or

BEST THAI: Sticky Rice317 S. Broadway #C-4-5, (213) 621-2865 or

They serve the rice in a wrap down at Grand Central Market because it really is that sticky. Complement that defining grain with noodle soup or a little protein and you’re dealing with a bangin’ Bangkok meal.

RUNNER-UP: Pok Pok Phat Thai, 727 N. Broadway, (213) 628-3071 or

BEST VEGAN/VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY: Zinc Cafe580 Mateo St., (323) 825-5381 or

From eggplant parmesan to asparagus sandwiches to cauliflower pizza, the Arts District destination proves that avoiding meat can be as flavorful as it is spiritually rewarding.

RUNNER-UP: Café Gratitude, 300 S. Santa Fe Ave., (213) 929-5580 or

HEAD-TO-HEAD BEST FILIPINO: RiceBar419 W. Seventh St., (213) 807-5341 or

Sausage, chicken and beef all make appearances in the specialty Filipino cuisine served in this micro-nook of a restaurant on Seventh Street where few are seated but many are stuffed.

BEST VIETNAMESE: Blossom426 S. Main St., (213) 623-1973 or

The longstanding double-dining room establishment serves up a variety of Vietnamese items including spring rolls, fried rice and, of course, a host of pho.

RUNNER-UP: Pho 87, 1019 N. Broadway, (323) 227-0758

Best Dishes

BEST BURGER: The Counter725 W. Seventh St., (213) 228-7800 or

On the off chance that a scan of the inventive menu doesn’t reveal a suitable slab of perfectly grilled beef topped with curious add-ons, the folks at The Counter have made a name for themselves in accommodating your bizarre, nonsensical request for custom burgers.

RUNNER-UP: Umami, 852 S. Broadway, (213) 413-8626; 738 E. Third St., (323) 263-8626 or

HEAD-TO-HEAD BEST CREPES: Crepes Sans Frontières, 541 S. Spring St., (213) 623-3606 or

In what is rapidly becoming a Euro-alley par excellence, Crepes Sans Frontieres brings a taste of French cafe cuisine to the Spring Arcade. Though you may be on the sweet and savory fence, suffice it to say that either option will net you a satisfying experience.

HEAD-TO-HEAD BEST CUPCAKES: Big Man Bakes413 S. Main St., (213) 617-9100 or

Chip is not playing around. His angel-staffed cupcake castle in the Old Bank District has the neighborhood lock on mini- and full-size microcosms of tongue-blasting dessert delight. The best way to thank him is to eat his goods in quantity.

BEST MAC N’ CHEESE: Engine Co. No. 28644 S. Figueroa St., (213) 624-6996 or

Nothing backs up the restaurant’s dignified Americana theme quite like the ooey gooey, overflowing-with-flavor mac and cheese. This will satisfy you and your work colleagues while ensuring that Kraft in a box will never be a viable alternative in your life again.

RUNNER-UP: Nickel Diner, 524 S. Main St., (213) 623-8301 or

BEST RESTAURANT PIZZA: Bottega Louie700 S. Grand Ave., (213) 802-1470 or

The crust is guaranteed to snap, crackle and pop. There’s a reason why so many tables at this Seventh Street destination have a pizza tray upon them and a battery of smiling customers in front of that soon-empty tray.

RUNNER-UP: Pitfire Pizza Company, 108 W. Second St., (213) 808-1200 or

BEST PIZZA: Two Boots Pizza828 S. Broadway, (213) 623-2100 or

Yes, that off-kilter slice you’re pounding is named after an Andy Kaufman character. No, the enduring quality and no-holds barred, tradition-be-damned approach to toppings is not a hoax. We are living in the pizza future where Two Boots is George Clinton. Of course, you can also get a slice of pepperoni.

RUNNER-UP: Pizzanista, 2019 E. Seventh St., (213) 627-1430 or

BEST RAMEN SPOT: Daikokuya327 E. First St., (213) 626-1680 or

Here’s a highly contentious category where the living legends on First Street have again triumphed. Whether it be their commitment to authenticity (going to far as to take their kitchen staff to Japan), their enormous cultural cachet and the long lines it produces, or the overall stomach-anchoring weight of their famed pork ramen, Daikokuya remains king. All hail the king.

RUNNER-UP: Ramen Hood, 317 S. Broadway, (213) 265-7331 or

BEST SANDWICH/WRAP: Mendocino Farms300 S. Grand Ave., (213) 620-1114; 444 S. Flower St., (213) 627-3262; 735 S. Figueroa St., (213) 430-9040 or

As if it were even close. As if the multi-location, farm-to-table, more options than Ryan Gosling on Tinder, gourmet side dish-equipped, cow-idolizing micro chain were not here and now and for years prior the best in the DTLA sandwich game.

RUNNER-UP (TIE): Philippe The Original, 1001 N. Alameda St., (213) 628-3781 or

RUNNER-UP (TIE): Langer’s Delicatessen, 704 S. Alvarado St., (213) 483-8050 or

HEAD-TO-HEAD BEST SAUSAGE: Wurstküche800 E. Third St., (213) 687-4444 or

Since 2008, the boys at Wurstküche have turned their chic minimalist sausage palace into a multi-state chain. As much regard as we have for Venice and Denver, we are proud to say that the pushers of fine cylindrical meats got their start down on Traction.

Best Restaurant Miscellany

BEST NEW RESTAURANT: Clifton’s648 S. Broadway, (213) 627-1673 or

Like they say in the thrift store world, “new to you.” The Downtown institution founded decades ago but closed for four years has been rehabilitated into a multi-story pleasure palace stocked with a cafeteria, a gaggle of bars, water features and enough taxidermy to remind you that wild beasts once roamed these lands.

RUNNER-UP: Little Sister, 523 W. Seventh St., (213) 628-3146 or

BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE: Barcito403 W. 12th St., (213) 415-1821 or

Bless their buttons, the staff at this casual, chic and new South Park spot would be more than happy to answer your questions, deconstruct your cocktail ingredient by ingredient and indulge your loneliness.

BEST RESTAURANT DELIVERY: L.A. Cafe639 S. Spring St., (213) 612-3000 or

With a fleet of spritely yellow cars dropping off chili and paninis and French fries across Downtown, the 24/7/365 food pushers on Spring would like you to know that as long as you’re within the generous DTLA delivery zone, you too are invited to the stay at home and gorge.

RUNNER-UP: California Pizza Kitchen, 735 S. Figueroa St., (213) 228-8500; 330 S. Hope St., (213) 626-2616 or

BEST DOG-FRIENDLY RESTAURANT: Urth Caffé451 S. Hewitt St., (213) 797-4534 or

You may have noticed that almost everyone who lives in the Arts District has a dog. Fortunately for them, there’s Urth, with its large and dog-friendly patio. The uber-accommodating staff also seems to like those canines.

RUNNER-UP: Wurstküche, 800 E. Third St., (213) 687-4444 or

BEST QUICK SERVE: Guisados541 S. Spring St., #101 (213) 627-7656 or

Do not be disheartened by the threshold spanning line of taco neophytes eager to order a sampler platter and demand to know what a “chorizo” is. The team in Guisados’ open kitchen have dedicated themselves to dispatching orders nearly as quick as they get them. We’re talking about progress and efficiency here.

RUNNER-UP: Mendocino Farms, 300 S. Grand Ave., (213) 620-1114; 444 S. Flower St., (213) 627-3262; 735 S. Figueroa St., (213) 430-9040 or

BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Guisados541 S. Spring St., #101 (213) 627-7656 or

The tacos are $2.75 apiece. Unless you order seafood, in which case the “This was farmed from an ocean” surcharge knocks the price skyward a quarter to $3. Seriously, what else can you get in Downtown for that price that doesn’t have a cellophane wrapper and comes form a convenience store?

RUNNER-UP: Philippe The Original, 1001 N. Alameda St., (213) 628-3781 or

BEST DOWNTOWN CLASSIC: Philippe The Original1001 N. Alameda St., (213) 628-3781 or

Although Philippe’s has been around for more than a century, only recently have they begun accepting credit cards. The sandwich still takes top marks, the sawdust floors spark a sense of nostalgia, and the carving ladies behind the counter are a Downtown tradition.

RUNNER-UP: The Original Pantry Cafe, 877 S. Figueroa St., (213) 972-9279 or

BEST RESTAURANT AMBIANCE: Perch448 S. Hill St., (213) 802-1770 or



Downtown has a lot of great outdoor dining spots, but how many overlook the bustle of the community? The answer: Not too many. Perch offers a rarefied rooftop air, well-crafted cocktails and a menu that can keep you watching the Historic Core happenings for hours.

RUNNER-UP: Le Petit Paris, 418 S. Spring St., (213) 217-4445 or

BEST RESTAURANT DECOR: Redbird114 E. Second St., (213) 788-1191 or

Simple. Classic. Tasteful. This is the feeling you’ll get when you experience fine dining in the former rectory of a gorgeous 19th century Catholic church. Fortunately, chef Neal Fraser’s food matches the decor.

RUNNER-UP: Faith & Flower, 705 W. Ninth St., (213) 239-0642 or

MOST ROMANTIC RESTAURANT: Redbird114 E. Second St., (213) 788-1191 or

With soft lighting, top-notch service, beautiful plating and palate-tingling textures, you too can impress on your loved ones with a night out. But please, make a reservation.

RUNNER-UP: Café Pinot, 700 W. Fifth St., (213) 239-6500 or

BEST OUTDOOR DINING: Perch448 S. Hill St., (213) 802-1770 or

The Pershing Square overlook with the delightful bar options and resolute kitchen has held up even as the Downtown restaurant scene has expanded significantly. Ride the elevator, and drink and dine under the stars.

RUNNER-UP: Café Pinot, 700 W. Fifth St., (213) 239-6500 or

HEAD-TO-HEAD BEST DINING HUB: Grand Central Market317 S. Broadway, (213) 624-2378 or

If there is a type of food you can’t get at Grand Central Market, we don’t want to know about it. Craft a makeshift Grand Central Market turducken by stuffing Horse Thief BBQ brisket in a fresh pupusa dipped in China Café wonton soup then baked in Olio’s brick oven before waiting in line to have your concoction drenched in organic egg whites down at Eggslut. That’s just the starts.

BEST FIGat7th EATERY: Mendocino Farms735 S. Figueroa St., (213) 430-9040 or

Descend to the lowest level of the mall and you’ll discover the southernmost node on MF’s Downtown’s sandwich constellation. You will know it for the powder blue and white speckled cow. You will confirm its supremacy by taste alone.

RUNNER-UP: Loteria Grill, 735 S. Figueroa St., (213) 239-5654 or


On weekends, the line for Eggslut stretches almost as far as the eye can see. While we’ve grown accustomed to such lines at newfangled Downtown upstarts, it’s rare indeed for a restaurant now getting on in years to continue to harbor such dedication. Congratulations to Eggslut: You’re more than just a name.

RUNNER-UP: Horse Thief BBQ, 317 S. Broadway, (213) 625-0341 or

BEST DOWNTOWN VIEW: Perch448 S. Hill St., (213) 802-1770 or

Concerts in the park, your car getting towed — everything near Pershing Square looks more scenic from 13 stories in the air. Up at Perch, the comically stunted dimensions of Downtown’s latest plexiglass attraction begin to show their true size.

RUNNER-UP (TIE): L.A. Prime, 404 S. Figueroa St., (213) 612-4743 or

RUNNER-UP (TIE): Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant, 811 Wilshire Blvd., (213) 236-9600 or

BEST PLACE TO BREAK BREAD WITH FRIENDS: Bottega Louie700 S. Grand Ave., (213) 802-1470 or

Whether or not your clique decides to dine together in the marble-clad hall of Seventh Street neo-Italian pleasures, we strongly encourage you and yours to take the friendship test by which you all split a box of polychromatic macarons, and see if you still have a kind relationship after bickering over the last one.

RUNNER-UP: Border Grill, 445 S. Figueroa St., (213) 486-5171 or

BEST L.A. LIVE RESTAURANT: Yard House800 W. Olympic Blvd., (213) 745-9273 or

We hope you subscribe to the notion that “size doesn’t matter,” because they don’t actually serve yards of beer anymore. What they can offer is an unmatched selection of brews, American style food and ready proximity to L.A. Live, Staples Center and Readings By Dorothy, the psychic on Olympic.

RUNNER-UP: Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, 800 W. Olympic Blvd., (213) 745-9911 or

BEST HOTEL RESTAURANT: LA Chapter at the Ace Hotel927 S. Broadway, (213) 235-9660 or

Double-deck splendor at the spot with the checkerboard floor, where an abundance of vegetable and fruit-heavy options merge with traditional American fare in a smorgasbord of cuisine that illuminates the southern end of Broadway in ways no blade sign ever could.

RUNNER-UP: WP24 at the Ritz-Carlton, 900 W. Olympic Blvd., (213) 743-8824 or

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