Sarah Dokowicz, who performs under the name Bryten

Sarah Dokowicz, who performs under the name Bryten, is set to release her new single, the high-energy “Remember Me,” on June 5.

Sarah Dokowicz had a rough eight-year hiatus from music. She had self-worth struggles and troublesome intimate relationships but took the high road and navigated her way back to her first love, pop music. 

Dokowicz, who moved to Los Angeles from Australia 10 years ago to attend the Musicians Institute, has reinvented herself as Bryten.

“I graduated and spent a lot of time in the music scene in LA, doing everything—performing in hotels, restaurants, colleges and a bit at music festivals. I wasn’t getting a huge return,” she said. 

“I was discouraged. I went on a soul search. I was just dealing with inner insecurities and doubts and things like that. It got me off course entirely.”

Since her “full-on self-discovery journey,” Dokowicz is devoted to bringing light to others. Available for streaming June 5, her new single, the high-energy “Remember Me,” pays homage to her peers while covering the theme of heartbreak. It was written by Dokowicz, Alex Hinsky and Dean Palya, and produced by Palya and recorded at Pala Sound Studios in Los Angeles.

“‘Remember Me’ is a track that I wrote with my friend Dean and also my best friend from the music college, Alex, as well,” she said. 

“It’s one of those songs that even though you see the things that are happening in front of you, you still remember yourself at the end of it. I see something negative and flip it to make it a positive experience in some sort of way.”

This is the first of a number of songs Dokowicz will release this year.

“I feel like I really have a lot to say but this time I’m unafraid to say them, as I know my listeners need to have a guide and a leader to say how they feel,” she said.

Her previous releases were produced by Andres Torres, the producer of the Louis Fonsi hit “Despacito.”

“Andres and I went to the same school,” she said. “He studied drums in the drum program. That’s how we met. He produced my first EP when I was out here. It was a DIY setup. He has his little production studio in his studio apartment, which made it way more fun. 

“I didn’t feel as pressured. Every time we got into the studio together, we had to catch a blast. We already knew each other, and the chemistry was really good and positive. He’s a genius when it comes to production. It’s amazing to see how far he’s come in that time period. He’s so deserving of it. He’s such a hard worker and down-to-earth guy.”

For her new music, she continues to stay focused on the online space, where she wants to keep producing songs for the masses.

“I believe with a clear plan and strategy you can impact the masses, and that has always been my goal with any project,” said Dokowicz, a former dancer who competed in the World Hip-Hop Championships. 

“I plan to do the same with this project.”