From left, guitarist ER White and vocalist Bradley Scott of Emarosa released the single “Stay” on Sept. 15 and announced their next album, “Sting,” will hit stores in January. 

LA’s Emarosa returned to radio on Thursday, Sept. 15, with the release of its latest single, “Stay,” which will appear on the band’s 2023 album “Sting.”

“Stay” is Emarosa’s third single this year, following April’s “Preach” and July’s “Attention,” all of which aligned with the poppy sound it debuted on its successful 2019 album “Peach Club.” 

“All of our stuff is very ’80s pop-inspired these days because I was raised in that music and it’s nostalgic for me,” vocalist Bradley Scott said. “I’ve always wanted to put that into my music.”

Scott joined Emarosa in 2014 and, after releasing two alternative rock albums, he couldn’t shake the urge to revisit the sounds he adored in his youth.

“Our earlier records were alternative rock and much heavier, and that’s fine because when we were younger. That’s what resonated with us,” Scott said. “I don’t think that artists should be forced to stick to what resonated with them 10 to 15 years ago, and I love that, as our tastes have changed and evolved. So has our music.” 

Although there has been somewhat of an ’80s resurgence in pop culture through shows like “Stranger Things” and the “Karate Kid” spinoff series “Cobra Kai,” Scott said Emarosa’s new sound is purely a coincidence. 

“We grew up listening to ’80s (pop), and I love that there’s such an ’80s resurgence right now because there’s more for me to consume that I enjoy,” he said. “But as an artist that’s always been the case, even going back to a record we have called ‘131,’ which came out six years ago, that has songs on it that have a very strong ’80s influence. 

“Now we’ve just kind of leaned into it a little bit more unapologetically.” 

Since making what he calls a natural progression from the alt-rock album “131” to the band’s new, poppier sound, Scott hasn’t looked back. He plans to put out two more singles before “Sting” hits shelves and streaming services in January. 

However, he admitted that choosing singles was not an easy decision. 

“When we turned the record into the label, it was pretty much like ‘Here are 10 singles’ and we kind of let them have their hand (in it), but we still had our choices,” Scott said. 

However, he is confident in the five singles that will be available before “Sting” is released. He said he feels that giving fans half of the album in advance will make it more palatable. 

“They’re going to get a very big taste of the record before it comes out, which I think is a good move, especially this day and age, instead of just like throwing it all out there and saying, ‘Here’s the record,’” Scott said. “This way, five of those songs on the album are getting potentially way more attention now than they would have gotten if we just released the record and then people just skimmed through the record.” 

In addition to announcing the new record and releasing “Stay” on Sept. 14, fans were treated to a zany music video for the new tune that has references to the hit ’80s film “Teen Wolf,” and Scott said it allowed him to channel his inner Michael Jackson. 

“We got custom letterman jackets made and they’re the same colors as Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ jacket,” Scott said enthusiastically. “I think watching the video along with a song helps bring that song to life.” 

With the third single released, Scott is excited to get the album out and get back to playing live shows. 

“We haven’t been able to perform in years because of the pandemic, and we want to make sure that when the time comes, it happens we’re not left empty handed,” he said.