L.A. Live Offers $1 Summer Family Movies

The Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live is getting a high-tech addition. In the coming weeks the complex will install the “Immersive Cinema Experience” developed by the French company CGR Cinemas. The system involves adding 10 LED light panels to the sides of a theater (five on each side) that are illuminated to match the colors and tones of what is on screen; it also involves new surround-sound speakers.

The Downtown space will be the first American theater to employ the system. The technology will be installed in an L.A. Live theater with 190 seats, and will start screenings in the fall, according to Shelby Russell, senior vice president for L.A. Live marketing and L.A. Live Cinemas at Anschutz Entertainment Group, which owns and operates the complex. Pricing is still to be determined, but Russell said there would be a surcharge for the enhanced experience.

In France, CGR has 32 auditoriums equipped with the technology.