DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - In this week's Don't Miss List: Indoor August Wilson, Outdoor Movies and the Return of Art Walk

1. Fans of August Wilson, rejoice: The late playwright’s Joe Turner’s Come and Gone opens Wednesday, May 8, at the Mark Taper Forum, though there’s a twist: The title character doesn’t actually make an appearance in the play. Yes, it’s a bit of Godot trickery in a show set in a Pittsburgh boardinghouse in 1911 where tenants come and go and plenty of things just keep changing. Ain’t that always the case? Joe Turner, with a cast featuring Keith David and direction from Phylicia Rashad, will be enlightening audiences each Tuesday-Sunday until June 9. At 135 N. Grand Ave., (213) 972-7353 or

2. With Thursday, May 9, approaching, we at Downtown News would like to offer a brief guide to the Downtown Art Walk. By now, you recognize the signs: ominous disposable white trash cans on the streets, shell-shocked locals clutching at cases of beer as they skitter inside their loft, and the first notes of loud, cliché conversations bubbling up from the Pershing Square Metro stop. A masse onslaught of arts and drinking zombies will arrive this week, and while some will head straight for the bars, others will directly confront the beast with viewings of gallery art including CB1’s showing of Lisa Adams’ Second Life and its polychromatic alternate universe. The Art Walk Lounge is at 634 S. Spring St. Additional arty info is at (213) 617-4929 or

3. The California African American Museum exhibit Go Tell It on the Mountain employs art as evidence in an examination of the tensions inherent in the cultural middle ground between religion and politics. Yep, the Exposition Park museum is not afraid to take on weighty subjects. Taking its name from the 1953 novel by James Baldwin (the literary luminary, not the brother of Alec and Billy), the show ends on May 12. Meaning, this week is your last chance to check out works including Carolyn Castaño’s “The Mystikal Chocolate Jesus” (shown here). At 600 State Dr., (213) 744-7432 or

4. Nothing says Downtown summer oasis quite like Pershing Square. As the weather heats up, the park’s weird spire provides a perfect sundial of shade. The fun doesn’t stop there. On Friday, May 10, Pershing Square’s Flashback ’80s film series features a free screening of the eternal classic Risky Business. The movie starts at 8 p.m., but be sure to arrive early and grab a good seat for the iconic scene where Tom Cruise kicks into an ecstatic tirade but doesn’t profess his undying love for Katie Holmes. At 532 S. Olive St., (213) 485-1645 or

5. On Thursday, May 9, the Grammy Museum will play host to a bass player so stylish that his influence can be widely recognized in the mainstream beyond his own prolific solo and collaborative work. So sorry Coachella goers, it’s not Flea we’re talking about, but Stanley Clarke. The unquestioned low end master of the group Return to Forever will drop by to talk shop with Grammy honcho Bob Santelli and pop off a few jams while he’s at it. The Thursday event will culminate a strong Grammy Museum week featuring visits from Iron and Wine and Richard Marx. Those shows are sold out, but the diligent may get lucky with some tickets released at the last minute at the box office. At 800 W. Olympic Blvd., (213) 765-6800 or

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