The iconic Cavalera

The iconic Cavalera brothers will tour the US this summer to celebrate two classic Sepultura  albums.

Blood and their last name are not the only ties that bind brothers Iggor and Max Cavalera. 

Since they were kids, they have shared a love of music. That will be on display when the duo plays The Belasco on Saturday, June 18.

“It’s cool to tour with him because we do the things we used to do when we were young as adults, like go to record stores together, eat at restaurants and we share music and movies that we like with each other,” Max said. “The thing that keeps us together is the passion that we have for all things music.” 

Music is a frequent topic of conversation between the two. However, an interesting area arises when they ponder what bodies of work to shred on tour. 

The plan was to tour Sepultura’s 1989 record “Beneath the Remains” and the 1991 collection “Arise,” as they offer a similar sound. 

“Iggor came up with the idea of making a hybrid of the two records together because these really are brother records,” said Max, who elders Iggor by 13 months. “They could have come out as a double LP since they have similar riffs and offer that death/thrash mix.” 

They are also records that Iggor says he felt deserved a second round on stage. 

“Those are two very important records and, of course, not everyone had a chance to see those tours when we originally had those albums out,” Iggor said. “It’s a chance for new people to see it and for some people who also saw back in the days to revisit those gigs. So, I think it’s a good combination of both.”

To recapture the essence of the late ’80s and early ’90s metal scene, the Cavalera brothers recruited Possessed guitar strummer Daniel Gonzalez and Soulfly string slapper Mike Leon to stand at their sides as Max bellows his guttural vocals in unison with his heavy-handed riffs. Iggor will keep the tempo on drums. 

“Were super proud of this, these two records, and we wanted to make sure that we do it with a proper team behind us,” Iggor said. 

Even with familiar faces at their sides, the Cavaleras are excited to put their chemistry on display while on stage as they speed through iconic tracks like “Desperate Cry,” “Arise,” “Beneath The Remains” and “Inner Self.”

“Every time I hit the stage with my brother, it brings me back to those memories of us starting up,” Iggor said. “Because we do have a very strong connection and very strong chemistry when we hit the stage it’s something that’s timeless.” 

Although the hits are bound to energize the audience, Max is looking forward to unearthing deep cuts.

“I’m excited to play some of the hidden gems that we’ve never played before, like ‘Subtraction’ ‘Under Siege,’ ‘Lobotomy,’ and ‘Sarcastic Existence,’” Max said. 

“If you’re a fan of metal, the cool thing about metal is that fans like the whole record. They’ll like songs off of side B of records that never got any videos and that’s what we’re playing so I think fans are going to like it.” 

Max and Iggor will not be the only Cavaleras gracing the stage. Max’s son Igor, or Iggy as he is nicknamed, will open each show on vocals and guitar with his stoner-metal band Healing Magic. 

Max and Iggor Cavalera

WHEN: 7 p.m. Saturday, June 18

WHERE: The Belasco, 1050 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles

COST: Check website for pricing