for the love of LA

The Music Center is gearing up to celebrate creativity in the community—all for the love of LA.

Through the new digital series of the same name, For the Love of LA, The Music Center will give more than 35 local artists—from areas such as music, dance, visual culture and more—a means to show their current views of the city.

Up to three new works will be shared on Instagram every Tuesday from August 11 to October 27, with the complete creations as well as artists’ biographies and statements showcased on The Music Center Offstage, a virtual platform through which the organization curates programming such as original artwork.

For the Love of LA projects will include video, such as documentation of a performance; photography, including art photography, photo essays or documentation of another visual art form; and creative writing. The public is also encouraged to contribute their own works, some of which may be shared by The Music Center on social media.

“For the Love of LA will highlight the broad and expansive array of Angeleno creativity across diverse disciplines and geographies,” explained Josephine Ramirez, executive vice president, TMC Arts. “In addition to presenting new works by professional artists, we hope that members of the LA community, from all ages and corners of the county, will join us in a collective effort to express ourselves in ways that spark joy, share a perspective on the times, and reflect and shape the world.”

One of the frist pieces is a five-minute collage of photos, poetry and music highlighting current events like social distancing and political uprising. The work is helmed by photographer Rafael Cardenas and scored by Eddika Edule Organista, with poetry by Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, Joshua Evans, Féi Hernandez, Jenise Miller and Jasmine Williams.

Two other launch pieces include screen printing from visual artist Yaneli Delgado spotlighting various minority communities and a contemplative experience from painter Manuel López, who will complement a landscape drawing of an East Los Angeles neighborhood with sound and animation.

Beyond these initial works, For the Love of LA will present a photo essay from photographer Stephanie Mei-Ling and a painting from artist Amani Holbert. Ethiopian musicians Kibrom Birhane and Etsegenet Mekonnen, DJ/musician/composer Mark de Clive-Lowe and Brazilian jazz vocalist Thalma de Freitas will perform music, too. Additionally, vocalist San Cha and artist Maria Maea will meld the fields of music and visual arts.

Guest curators include Marvella Muro, director of programs for Self Help Graphics & Art; Ed Barguiarena, a musician, composer and producer; Raélle Dorfan, executive director for Dance Resource Center; Karen Mack, founder and executive director of LA Commons; Lotti Rippon, who handles events and special projects for DUBLAB, in collaboration with Quarantine Gallery co-founders Max Rippon and Kate Emery; and multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Dexter Story.

More artists and curators will be announced, and artists are subject to change.

“While the challenges of the times we are in make it difficult to connect with each other in a meaningful way, The Music Center remains committed to its vision of deepening the cultural lives of all in Los Angeles by offering programs that help create those connections through the power of the arts,” said Rachel S. Moore, president and CEO, The Music Center.

“For the Love of LA will not only showcase the creativity and resiliency of artists and community members from across the county in the present but also provide a time capsule that will document this moment through art. We’ll be able to reflect on what was in our hearts and minds and know we were able to lift each other up through creative expression and cultural participation.”

For more information, visit or follow The Music Center on Instagram @MusicCenterLA.