VR Games and Robot Bartenders: Two Bit Circus’ Micro-Amusement Park Comes to Town

Two Bit Circus' robot bartender Gearmo del Pouro. 

Last year Two Bit Circus opened its doors, unveiling its first “micro amusement park” in the Arts District on Mateo Street. The 37,000-square-foot space offers arcade games, high-tech versions of circus attractions and a number of virtual reality systems, as well as “story rooms,” similar to escape rooms and its Club 01, which hosts interactive trivia shows. The venue also has a kitchen and two bars, one of which has a robot bartender. 

Two Bit Circus President Kim Schaefer spoke with Los Angeles Downtown News about how the space is preparing for its second holiday season and what people can do for parties there.

Los Angeles Downtown News: What kind of holiday party packages does Two Bit Circus offer?

Kim Schaefer: I think what makes Two Bit Circus so unique for holiday parties is we take the hassle out of the event planning. We’ve got a great seasoned team who can customize events to the client’s needs.

We’ve got all our games, we can customize the experience, be it virtual reality or story rooms, so people can play as a group. We’ve talked about bringing people together for social play. Almost everything we have has a social and multiplayer component. So people can have a great time. We also have Club 01, so groups can do trivia show or any of the shows we offer. But if you want to customize it, if you have a larger company or want to put on a year in review-type show, we can set up a special trivia show for employees. That’s a special way for companies to give back to their staffs.

Q: It’s getting a bit late in the season. Do you still have spaces available for holiday parties?

A: We do have space available. During the holiday season, we are open for more hours. We also have three different timeslots, so can do a lunch time party, late afternoon, or later evening.

Q: How many people can you accommodate for these kind of events?

A: We usually say up to 700. Our sweet spot is anything up to 500 people. We have lots of space for people to be. You can put 500 people in front of every game we have. Our Club 01 would be part of the events. It can only fit a certain amount of people, but we can do a number of shows throughout a party to get people through.

Q: What can organizers do to help you with hosting a party? What helps guests loosen up?

A: I think a great event for the client is understanding their company, and what they’re looking to achieve in their getaway. Is it a celebration? Just a get together? How do they work and function together? Are organizers hoping to do team building or putting them into groups to get them to get to know each other? If they already spend a lot of time together and want to just have fun, we can set it up like that.

I think for us, the most helpful thing organizers can do is get people there on time, especially if they are doing open play in the virtual reality games. We want to maximize the time at the park. We want to make this simple and easy. We have so many activities. It’s actually pretty simple and we haven’t had too many challenges in the past holiday season. Also, with the food, let us know about what kind is best. If you can, try to get us as many details as possible, that helps.

Q: What kind of food packages or specials is Two Bit Circus doing for the holidays?

A: The fun thing is we have a new menu rolling out for the holiday season. We’re putting a circus spin on the food, and also adding dessert bars. There’s a churro bar, an ice cream sundae bar, and a drunken brownie bar (for adults only). Having had a year now to operate, we see how we have honed our craft. Added new games we didn’t have last year. We’ve always had a good bar package and we just launched a great fall drink menu.

Two Bit Circus is at 634 Mateo St. (213) 599-3188 or twobitcircus.com.