Brad Arnold

Brad Arnold, the singer of 3 Doors Down, recently released the solo track “Wicked Man” about the pandemic, racial injustices and quarantine.

Earlier this year, Brad Arnold was preparing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of 3 Doors Down’s debut, “The Better Life,” when the pandemic hit. 

The singer for the Mississippi rock band was deeply affected by the COVID-19-dictated quarantine. He channeled his frustration, anger and sadness into his first solo record, “Wicked Man,” on his new Wild at Heart label. 

“The opportunity just kind of presented itself,” Arnold said. “Greg (Upchurch), our drummer, has been writing at home, too. He sent me a guitar part a couple months ago. The first idea was the theme of the song. It’s not very hard to get that theme with so many things going on in the world around us.”

Arnold said in many of the events, there seems to be “someone behind the curtain,” and a lot of people agree with it. 

“The inspiration for the song is there are so many things going on in the world. They have to be orchestrated. They’re not random events,” he said. 

“There are people behind the scenes who have a lot to be gained from conflict and the loss of life. That’s what the song is really talking about and what I’m thinking about. It all goes back to money.”

Arnold also doubts the COVID numbers, saying he thinks they’re “a little overblown.”

“A lot of those numbers are grossly misquoted and misprinted, and we can go right back to the reason—the money,” he added. 

“There are people at different institutions who get paid off if it’s hyped up. I live about a mile as the bird flies from a school. It was nice to see them running track and practicing football and cheerleading. It’s a brand-new school. Now it’s depressing to see the grass 2 feet tall. We’re on our way out of it, though. I have this feeling everything’s going to be gone when the election’s over.”

Arnold, who recorded the song with Upchurch using the program GarageBand, wrote the lyrics in his typical fashion. 

“I like to stand in the tile shower and sing,” he said with a laugh. “I can’t tell you how many parts of songs I’ve written in the shower, as kooky as it sounds.”

Arnold said he released the song not only for personal gain, but he’s hoping the public is hungry for music. It was therapeutic for him, too. 

“I really wanted to do it, and it was something I really wanted to say,” he said. “I can’t wait to play a show now. I would play at a bar if I could.”

Fans of 3 Doors Down don’t have to worry about a possible breakup in light of Arnold’s release. He said he has “little giblets” of 3 Doors Down songs laying around. He just hopes fans like “Wicked Man.”

“It’s cool to put out a song that’s about current events and put it out while the events are happening,” he said. “I hope fans take something from it.”