Best of Downtown Los Angeles

It has been a momentous year for Downtown Los Angeles. In the face of historic twists and turns, DTLA’s residents have shown a collective resilience. They have shown that there is strength in diversity, that unity is the only way forward, and that it starts with representation from the street to the 72nd floor.

Since Jan. 1, the people of DTLA have dealt with such unprecedented trials as rising inflation rates, housing costs, homelessness, crime, drug use and overdose deaths, against the national backdrop of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and geopolitical events like the Russian invasion of Ukraine, all while the city continued to recover from the shockwaves of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During a mayoral election year, the city has seen grassroots movements and political heavyweights alike fighting to revolutionize the social and economic landscapes of LA, ensuring that the future will hold great change for the communities of Downtown and beyond, no matter who wins in November.

In a celebration of DTLA’s strength and its spirit during these uncertain times, this issue of LA Downtown News will embark on a journey from the crystalline skyscrapers of the Financial District to the underground creative hubs of the Arts District and the neon marquees of the Historic Core, showcasing the city’s hidden gems and local favorites. 

This display of the best of DTLA should not only be a proud reflection of all that Downtown has to offer but also serve as a reminder that no matter who you are or where you live, be it in a high-rise condominium or a supportive shelter, you are a part of this city and a part of its ever-changing story. 

  1. Best of Food and Beverage
  2. Best of Hotel and Entertainment
  3. Best of Things to Do
  4. Best of Beauty/Healthy Living
  5. Best of Medical
  6. Best Business Services
  7. Best Retail
  8. Best of Education