Art Lewin Bespoke

Art Lewin Bespoke recently signed a 10-year, $2.8 million lease for a 3,000-square-foot showroom/office in the historic The Petroleum Building.

Art Lewin doesn’t want to sound cocky, but he delivers a “really good product” in his custom-tailored garments. They’re made in America, which in-house tailors and customers remind him daily. 

Now, Downtown folks can take advantage of his services, as Art Lewin Bespoke recently signed a 10-year, $2.8 million lease for a 3,000-square-foot showroom/office in the historic The Petroleum Building at 714 W. Olympic Boulevard, Suite 1010. It joins locations in Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, Orange County and San Diego, as well as Scottsdale, Arizona. 

“It’s a historic building, about 100 years old, with a gorgeous lobby,” Lewin said. “It’s old fashioned, kind of like my business is an old, traditional business.”

Lewin said he loves hearing customer feedback, and it’s important to him and his staff. He added his clients stress they enjoy that Bespoke’s suits are made in America. 

“Everyone now — including big designers — are sending work abroad,” he said. “Giorgio Armani suits are not made in Italy. They’re made in Vietnam. Hugo Boss is not making their suits in Germany. They are made in Hungary.”

Since 1989, Art Lewin Bespoke has catered to businessmen and Hollywood stars. Its custom suits are hand-cut and handmade, down to the boutonniere and coat buttonholes, by tailors. Other than reinforcing the seams, suits are created by hand, requiring more than 55 hours of hand work.

The bespoke suits should reflect the clients’ personal style, from the fit and the cloth to the details. To help define clients’ style, the staff meets on their schedule, at their home, office or the showroom. 

Lewin is big on learning about his clients and their personal style.

“We plan, coordinate and maintain our clients’ wardrobe so they are perfectly attired for any occasion,” said Lewin, who boasts a 94% client retention rate.

Bespoke’s staff is proud of their business. The master tailors and cutters oversee and supervise the entire suit-making process from its conception to its completion. Lewin said suits are made from the finest materials and supplies available. 

They cut paper patterns for each customer, so it is easy to create suits that fit identically. 

Lewin entered the line of work innocently. As a fledgling architect, Lewin was supporting himself by selling pagers. He knocked on a custom tailor’s door, and the prospective customer encouraged him to enter the business. 

“It appealed to me,” he said. “Since I was a kid, I enjoyed clothing. I’m from Chile, and we dressed up every Sunday in a suit and went to see the family. I’ve always enjoyed dressing up. It was up my alley to do this.”

Born in 1967, he moved to the United States in 1977. His parents relocated in 1970, and it took seven to nine years to put the family back together.

“That was hard,” he said. 

His family bond initially inspired his career, but his motivation has changed. 

“What keeps me inspired is being the best at what we do,” he said. “We’re a niche business. I want to be the king of suits. I love to see my clients’ faces when I put them in front of the mirror in my suits. They can’t believe how good they look.”

Art Lewin Bespoke

The Petroleum Building

714 W. Olympic Boulevard, Suite 1010, Los Angeles