Downtown Works Los Angeles

Downtown Works, the Central City Association’s nonprofit sister organization, unveiled its newest board of directors that will strategically inform the organization’s efforts to uplift Downtown Los Angeles as a dynamic, inclusive and welcoming city center to serve as a model for other urban areas. 

This leadership arises at an important time as DTLA and the Los Angeles region work to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The board represents many of the industries that are core to DTLA’s historic transformation, including entertainment, urban design and development. With personal experience as employers, workers and residents of Downtown, each board member will play a role in increasing the vibrancy and livability of DTLA. 

The 2021 DTWX Board of Directors are:

• John Adams, principal and regional managing director, Gensler.

• Leticia Rhi Buckley, senior civic strategist, The Music Center.

• Noel Hyun Minor, president and chief executive officer, The Brooklyn Companies.

• Jessica Lall, president and chief executive officer, CCA.

• Marie Lloyd, head of external affairs for Amazon in Southern California.

• Marie Rumsey, vice president of public policy, CCA.

The board of directors will be instrumental in DTWX’s implementation of its 2021-23 strategic plan. The plan consists of four strategic pillars that provide a comprehensive framework to help DTWX achieve its mission and vision:

• Address DTLA’s challenges and opportunities through thought leadership.

• Advance DTLA priorities through convenings and pilot project execution.

• Enhance understanding of DTLA through research and data.

• Ensure DTWX’s growth through advancement and communications.

• Challenges and Opportunities Through Thought Leadership.

“Downtown Los Angeles is the best place to pilot bold ideas to solve our most pressing challenges and harness our greatest opportunities,” Lall said.

“Our committed board members and responsive strategic plan will help us maximize all that Downtown has to offer as we work together to envision a robust recovery and more resilient future for our region.”

Minor added, “This board has the expertise and passion needed to deliver fact-based solutions that will guide Downtown Los Angeles’ growth into a more equitable and prosperous region.”

Lloyd said she is looking forward to working with her fellow board members and civic leaders and engaging with the community.

“We must elevate solutions that can support Downtown and serve as an example for other urban centers,” she added.

The board and strategic plan come during a time when spurring economic development and resiliency is top of mind for stakeholders, businesses and residents. 

To explore how Los Angeles can achieve a more resilient economy, CCA is hosting a virtual economic development summit in October with an announcement of DTWX’s current initiatives; a special keynote; and an expert panel to discuss best practices, policies and structures to cultivate economic development in Downtown and the city that will aid in an equitable recovery.