LG presents

LG’s Downtown LA Business Innovation Center. CLOi, the center’s hospitality robot can be seen on the right. (Chris Mortenson/Staff)

Earlier this year, LG Business Solutions opened a new Business Innovation Center in Downtown LA to showcase their latest technology to potential clients. The center is geared toward showcasing LG’s medical-grade technology and OLED monitors. Still, Todd Best, sales engineer, and Yoosoo Choi, product manager, said LG has something for everyone.

“LG has much more than your TV, your washer and your refrigerator,” Best explained. “When you bring a customer down here, they come for (something specific), but I can’t tell you how many times they say, ‘I didn’t know you did all this stuff.’ It opens up an entirely new direction for these people.”

The facility has a very futuristic feel. Every corner features a new piece of LG’s technology, including the CLOi Guidebot, which is available to give customers a tour of the facility and answer questions. Choi said this reflects LG’s mission to inspire innovation and customer devotion.

“The objective is selling the product,” Choi said. “That’s my goal, but I think having this facility in Los Angeles can give people some idea about the future (of technology). And they can talk to their children (about it). They may not just think about technology; they may think about their future, too. That’s something I’ve thought about.”

Choi underlined that LG’s medical technology conforms to essential industry standards. For example, the monitors they create for surgeons and other hospital departments follow FDA regulations regarding brightness, color spectrums and sanitization. The showroom also showcases LG’s innovative disinfecting robot, the CLOi UV-C robot.

The center focuses heavily on marketing LG’s medical equipment and technology because California is the largest consumer of health care services.

However, LA’s film and video production industry has not been overlooked at the Business Innovation Center. The center also featured LG’s UltraFine OLED Pro monitors in its Creative studio, which caters to the film industry through its color quality and high-resolution displays.

According to a statement from LG, the monitors in their creative studio “take Emmy Award-winning LG OLED reference display technology to the next level and feature advanced capabilities to meet the demanding needs of production studios and digital video.”

Best said that LG has been very successful in marketing the center’s Creative Studio, which showcases the different uses for LG’s OLED Pro monitors. He explained that the monitors are not just for production studios but also for photographers, content creators and other artists that rely on high resolution and color quality.

Best emphasized that, at the end of the day, the facility is an innovation center as well as a business center. He said the center has already evolved in the short time it has been open and that he and Choi are continually looking for new technology to showcase and new ways for customers to utilize their products.

One way the center accomplishes this is by setting up displays demonstrating different ways clients can use their transparent OLED displays. Best said LG has even entered discussions with the hotel industry to pursue ways the hospitality industry can use their CLOi UV-C robot.

“We will continue to innovate and push the outer boundaries of what we can do with our technology,” Best said. “That is part of what the LA Business Innovation Center is all about.”