The unique bus was custom-designed to provide yoni steaming services for women, along with teeth whitening, cupping, ionic detoxification and cool mist chromotherapy.

Treasure Thompson knows how hard it can be to travel around Los Angeles to seek out needed wellness services. It’s why she bought and renovated a 35-foot bus and is taking the luxuries of NuEnergySpa on the road after having to close her storefront spa when the pandemic hit.

“I felt these services were needed,” Thompson said. “People were contacting me, asking when I would be available and how could I create a pandemic-proof service.”

Thompson, who has earned the moniker Yoniologist, specializes in vaginal wellness, offering such services as yoni steaming or a vaginal mask. (Yoni is the Indian word for female genitalia.) Those entering the mobile spa can also experience a cupping massage, a pink Himalayan salt chamber, teeth whitening, cool mist chromotherapy or ionic detoxification.

Her plan started out with pen, paper and the drawing of a square. Neither she nor the person remodeling the bus had anyone else they could draw upon for ideas — Thompson was the first person to do this. They worked back and forth, modifying things, trying to make things more efficient, discussing all the things she wanted in the bus. 

“You can’t have services for women without a bathroom,” Thompson said. “You have to have running water. Also, I love to cater organic and alcoholic drinks depending on the time of the event, so I had a bar installed in the bus. I have a photo op station in the front of the bus so you can have a nice Instagrammable moment.”

It wasn’t Thompson’s first time delivering services via a mobile bus. She has kids and purchased a game bus for them that travels around with six televisions and video gaming systems. She also saw there were truck services for guys such as barber shops, but she wanted something for women.

“I really wanted to bring a feminine healing experience that could come to you,” Thompson said. “For a lot of women, it is hard to travel. We have kids, we do a lot at home. We have to have our ladies’ night at home. It will be nice to have something that can come to you so you don’t have to go far. You don’t have to make the trip to a luxury environment. It comes to you.”

In her research, Thompson came across the word “sparty” for spa parties, a word used a lot in Europe. Most of those were for facials and nail packages, so Thompson wanted to do something different. 

Some of her Sparty experiences include “Deluxe Sistars Spa Experience,” “Bridal Sparty” and “Not Seniors Just Sexier” and range from two and a half to five hours. The bus can accommodate up to six people for a spa party (plus service providers).

Thompson will also take the bus to different events and places in LA so people can receive walk-up services.


Promoting yoni steaming’s health benefits


In addition to being a provider of spa services, Thompson sees herself as an educator on vaginal wellness, something that a lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about. She has newsletters and a YouTube channel, but her main focus is one-on-one conversations with people.

“We already know it is an uncomfortable conversation,” Thompson said. “For me, I’m not being modest, but people feel more comfortable with someone who is attractive telling them something uncomfortable. If I can sit and be comfortable talking about vaginal discharge and odors, or if I’m feeling itchy and I have proof that these things are working, you believe me.”

Thompson said she focuses on the educational aspect of things because she wants people to know about it, whether they get services from her or others. 

“You can do this at home or you can come to me for more of an experience,” Thompson said. “To come on the bus is a sisterly bonding experience. You get to put on the gowns, sit on the steaming thrones, relax and mingle. It’s a bonding thing.”

Thompson explained that yoni steaming has been around for centuries. There is evidence of its existence in China, Haiti and Africa. The herbal blend she uses incorporates rose petals, lavender, motherwort, rosemary, mug wort, calendula, albizia, oregano, safflower, turmeric, basil and aloe.

She said that steaming provides vaginal lubrication and different herbs provide different benefits.

“There are a lot of holistic, organic benefits to using herbal steam,” Thompson said. “An open-minded person who is open to trying alternative methods will receive these natural benefits.”

She pointed out that these herbal remedies are not medically proven, but she has experienced their benefits since she was a child and her family relied on a book of remedies. In addition to holistic/health benefits, she said there are also rejuvenating and relaxing benefits.

“It actually feels good,” Thompson said. “We like to be relaxed. Why wouldn’t we want to have a warm, steaming mist on our vagina while also having healing benefits? It is an amazing experience and it has no negative effects where it will hurt you. I feel as though every woman should try it.”


Mobile spa offers several

Distinctive services


While yoni steaming is popular among Thompson’s guests, it isn’t the only service she offers. The bus has an area where guests can lay down and she can focus on a section of the body — arms, legs, back, torso or face — and provide cupping services. 

She uses silicon cups rather than the glass ones. She has four different sizes that are used on different areas of the body. She first applies a softening agent to make it easier to suction the body. She uses it to relieve cellulite, even out skin tone and improve blood circulation. 

Ionic detoxification is another service which she can provide to up to two people at a time. They put their feet into mini-tubs with disposable plastic liners. Ions are placed inside the tub of water, and belts are fitted around the guest’s stomach or wrist. It detoxifies the body in a service that can last 10 to 30 minutes. The water in the tub will change colors depending on what the body is detoxing.

“If you have a yeast infection in your vagina, white cheesy particles will come out in the water,” Thompson said. “If it is brown, you’re detoxing tobacco. If there are red spots, you might have blood clots that are shaking out. Whatever it is that you are detoxing, it will actually show up in the water, and I have a chart of what each color means on the bus.”

Cool mist chromotherapy is delivered in the mobile spa’s pink Himalayan salt room. The guest can use a remote control to change each color to whatever they would like. Thompson said that different colors have various healing benefits and there is a cool mist spray that can be controlled by guests because it can get warm. 

Thompson offers three different vaginal jelly masks, which are placed on the vulva: a 24-carat gold mask, a pink mask and a lacey mask. The masks look like panty liners and lay across the vulva going down to the perineum. Each mask offers different benefits from tightening to rejuvenating. Guests can wear a disposable gown or nothing at all. The jelly masks remain on the body for 20 minutes.

Thompson also offers teeth whitening services, which she expects to be most popular with bridal packages.

“We have to have our smile,” Thompson said. “If people are getting their jelly masks and steams before their wedding or as part of their bachelorette party, then teeth whitening would definitely be essential.”

The mobile spa will travel throughout Venice Beach and wherever else there is a demand. Thompson does this because it is something she genuinely loves.

“I love helping people,” Thompson said. “I know it works because it worked for me. I just love the fact that I can create experiences for people. This is something everybody should know about and have in her life. We’re talking holistic and more natural routes to be more vibrant, have better energy and prolong our life. I feel as though I’m just the person to come to. I’m just the vibe.”



Wellness hours: 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. Wednesdays through Fridays,

8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturdays,

8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sundays (private parties only)