English artist John Booth

English artist John Booth provided the artwork for the new Paul Smith store Downtown.

Paul Smith is opening a new store at 844 S. Broadway in the heart of historic Downtown.

“Even in these strange circumstances, it’s very exciting to be able to look ahead and take some positive steps,” Smith said. 

“Online is what everyone has their minds on right now, but hopefully shops with character and staff with conversation and friendship also have a place in the future.”

This Paul Smith shop is set to become a destination. 

To celebrate the opening of the new double-height, 1,250-square-foot shop, British artist John Booth designed it. 

His work includes graphic window displays, large-scale pieces and brightly colored antique furniture. He drew inspiration from the art deco-styled building of the area, like the Orpheum Theatre. 

Booth will paint pipes and other elements of the exterior. From Booth’s artwork, a colorful approach to design will be featured in the store to encapsulate a collection of scarves and caps. The approach is Beyond The Individual, meaning beyond egoism and individualism to create artworks symbiotically, between bodies and between different forms of matter.

The scarves and caps will be available in the shop and from PaulSmith.com

“I love his positive and colorful work,” Smith said about Booth. “We’ve had his work available in the gallery I have as part of my shop in Albemarle Street in Mayfair, and for the new Downtown shop, John has painted parts of the interior and even the outside of the shop.”

As for coronavirus, Smith is confident that business will rebound. 

“I’ve been in business for nearly 50 years and we’ve come through many storms, so that gives me some optimism,” he said. 

“Downtown LA is such a vibrant and creative area. We are lucky enough to be opening next to the beautiful Orpheum Theatre, which has amazing history but once it’s able to reopen will have an amazing future, too. I look forward to places like that coming back to life. I’m hopeful that such a creative community full of artists and musicians will always find a way to come through these challenging times.”

Smith is England’s foremost designer, best known for his creative spirit, which can be described as a combination of tradition and modernity. 

Since Smith opened his first store 50 years ago in 1970 in Nottingham, England, the company has grown into a global business, selling to five continents. The company sells clothing and other items for men, women and children. 

Classic with a twist, Smith’s pieces are eclectic and inspired by high art and everyday life. Each individual Paul Smith design is underpinned by a dry British sense of humor: quirky but not frivolous, and eccentric but not silly. With this, Paul Smith is happily positioned between high fashion and formalwear, while taking reference from both. Paul Smith has always been proud to stand apart.