dog walking app

Walking your dog can be a stressful experience, especially when you come across other dogs who aren’t always friendly and in some instances are  even aggressive. Paway is a new dog walking app that recently debuted for iOS in Los Angeles and is designed to map out your neighborhood route, allowing dog walkers to connect with other dogs and their humans along the way. 

“Paway was inspired by professional dog walkers and pet tech experts in LA who recognize the stressors of walking and caring for dogs,” said MK Glenning, a representative for Paway. “New technology can help us better understand our surroundings and leverage community to make every dog walk special.”

Users can turn the app on during their walk and will receive dog-related safety alerts and notifications when other dogs and their walkers are nearby. This feature is especially helpful during the pandemic, when it is important to practice social distancing. Users create a profile for their dog, which includes information about their age, breed, size, sex and temperament, which they can rate from “friendly” to “caution,” as well as if they are a service dog.

The app allows users to share their pet’s profile with their circle of caregivers so that they can also use the app, and afterwards they can share stories from the walk with family and friends. It also enables them to mark their dog’s favorite neighborhood spots, and it uses real-time crowd-sourced data to provide a variety of routes around other dogs that yours won’t get along with. In addition, Paway alerts users to potential hazards, like coyote sightings, stray dogs and dog fights, as well as attractions such as public water dishes and potty bag dispensers.

“Paway understands the stress of losing your pup, and we wanted to do something about it,” Glenning said. “The Paway app includes a free lost dog feature, which can alert those around you to your situation. Paway will automatically share a photo of the dog and drop a pin marking the locations where the dog went missing. Users can report if they found a lost dog and the company will help reconnect the dog with the pet parent. We hope your dog never ends up in this situation, but if it does, Paway is there to assist you.”

The app is free to use and is available across Los Angeles and select locations in Southern California, with plans to go nationwide later this year. Android capabilities are set to roll out with Paway’s expansion to the greater Los Angeles County and New York in fall 2020.