Cody Debacker

Cody Debacker, head of Shopify spaces, said the ROW DTLA space has been open since 2018 but was forced to close due to the pandemic. After a holiday break, it will reopen on Jan. 11 to offer services to entrepreneurs.

After closing for the holiday season, Shopify at ROW DTLA is slated to reopen Jan. 25, offering workshops; events; book, podcast and photography spaces; and a popup shop for local brands. 

“We wanted to be in the community and be able to support people in person,” said Cody Debacker, head of Shopify spaces, about the space that originally opened in 2018. 

“Given there are tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in LA, we decided to see what we could do 365 in the heart of the city. It was unbelievable. Fast forward to 2020 and we had to close because of COVID.”

Debacker said the center offers one-on-one business coaching that’s free for 45 minutes, a studio service package, and a podcast or photo studio.

“I was just in there, and there were five people in there booking the photo studio,” he said. “They can bring the products down, shoot them and upload while they’re there in minutes.”

Shopify also boasts an entrepreneurial space for kids, which is helpful for clients who run a business and have a family.

“Beyond that, we offer free workshops, and we launched a creator space so people can make T-shirts with heat press transfers and utilize that for free,” he said. 

“They can create and start a business within hours. We had that pre-COVID. They could come in, design an idea, sit down with support specialists, upload their design file, print the T-shirts, shoot photos of them, and sit down at a workshop and learn about copyrighting and SEO.”

Here are details on the programs supported by Shopify.


Pop-up shop: The pop-up shop features several local merchant products for visitors to purchase, and brands can opt in to be featured in the space. The local Shopify LA team identifies three to six merchants who will be featured at one time, and they will be rotated on a monthly to quarterly basis. 


Podcast studio: Shopify has created a professional-grade audio and video recording studio for merchants to access to grow their business.


Photo studio: Photos can make or break a brand’s success, so Shopify designed a professional photo studio with the latest and greatest equipment, ideal for product shots to help brands bring their stories to life.


Space for kids: Entrepreneurship isn’t just for adults. In the kids space, the next generation of entrepreneurs can explore the Business Starter Kit while their parents get business coaching and support.


Other features are a book nook featuring Reparations Club, a concept (book)shop and creative space founded in 2001 by Jazzi McGilbert, a queer Black woman and creative director from South Central Los Angeles.

An LA art gallery and creator space has a creative studio space for creators to breathe art and life into the space with one-of-a-kind installations and shoppable art. 

Participants have included Joshua Vides, Jorge Ortega, Birch and Bone and Never Made. 

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777 S. Alameda Street, Building 1, Unit 11, Los Angeles