DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – The street artist team of Calder Greenwood and the anonymous “Wild Life” appear to have added to their portfolio of cardboard creations.

A cluster of cardboard structures resembling homes were installed on Winston Street, behind an abandoned firehouse that sits between Los Angeles and Wall streets.

The elaborate dwellings have carefully cut-out windows, doors, skylights and, on one structure, a faux satellite dish. Another has a doggy door.

Quirky attempt to offer an alternative to makeshift shelters for the homeless? Commentary on Downtown’s housing crisis for the homeless? It’s there for you to judge.

Either way, Stephen Ziegler, who identified himself as a friend and "accomplice" to the artists, said the piece is dedicated to their "fans": Ninth District Councilwoman Jan Perry (who told Downtown News that she liked the pair's work), Estela Lopez of the Central City East Association and Downtown community advocate Brady Westwater.

-- Ryan Vaillancourt