Deisy Suarez-Giles and her husband Keith

Deisy Suarez-Giles and her husband Keith have two sons and spend their time running a successful spa business in DTLA.

Deisy Suarez-Giles had always dreamed about writing a book, but she never imagined that she would do it during a pandemic. 

Like many other business owners affected by COVID-19, Suarez-Giles had to temporarily close the doors to DESUAR Spa, the luxury day spa she owns in DTLA. Suddenly finding herself with extra time, Suarez-Giles initially struggled during quarantine because she wasn’t used to the inactivity. But as soon as her husband Keith suggested that she start the book project, Suarez-Giles became inspired and within 30 days had finished the first draft.

“Writing a book was something on my to-do list,” she said. “My husband and friends kept asking for it. I always envisioned myself writing it, although I didn’t know when I would be able to do it or what topic I would write about. I just had no idea how I was going to pull it off, especially while running a full-time business and raising two kids. A number of friends told me I should write about dating and relationships, and more specifically about my love story and how I found my husband.”

“Marriage Material: How I Found My Husband” is a detailed account of Suarez-Giles’ adventures and misadventures as she searched for a husband—first in Los Angeles, and later around the world. The book also shares how she eventually met her husband, the couple’s unexpected no-guest wedding, and how they overcame adversity in order to start a life together. 

“When the pandemic shutdown happened, a shelter-in-place was imposed on all of us and I had the time I needed to write and focus,” shared Suarez-Giles. “The writing process was quite relaxing, in fact. I found that once I started writing, everything just flowed right onto the page. At the same time, I noticed how a number of my friends were canceling their dream and destination weddings and opting for a no-guest wedding, which reminded me of my own wedding. I wanted to write something that my readers could relate to and find some value in.”

Suarez-Giles also hopes that her book will inspire single women not to lose hope, particularly during these times of limited social interaction.

“I know we are living through some difficult times and it can be hard for women, especially single women,” she pointed out. “Just know that there is somebody for you. We often just need to re-evaluate our approach towards dating and try something different, whether that means dating someone outside your race or culture, or from a different age group than you traditionally look at. Just be open to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right, wherever they may be.”

The book was published in June and is available in paperback and e-book formats on Amazon. Now with one book under her belt, Suarez-Giles is already making plans to write a second.

“In my next book, I’m planning on writing about entrepreneurship, particularly from a woman’s perspective, and my struggles as a Latina minority and immigrant woman,” she said. “I found that writing is something I actually enjoyed doing. It was therapy for my soul.”

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