Pilgrim School

The mission of Pilgrim School is to nurture the mind, spirit and moral awareness of its students. 

Pilgrim School is an extraordinary independent school located in the heart of one of the largest and most diverse cities in the country. Small class sizes and a close-knit community ensure that children are supported to be their best self. 

In a time like this, when the world is unpredictable and even frightening, the Pilgrim community comes together in mutual support. 

Online classes offer the full range of choices, from kindergarten to AP calculus, and small, engaging classes; frequent parent meetings; and the always-available faculty and staff mean that each student’s education can be individualized and can carry on as seamlessly as possible. 

Online summer school offered a baking class that was extremely well attended.

Pilgrim is small enough to be nimble, and large enough to be safe, so as soon as schools are able to reopen, all curriculum plans and facilities configurations are ready to go at a moment’s notice. Everyone at Pilgrim can’t wait to get back to campus—to the STEM Fab Lab, to the beautiful art center, to the Field of Dreams, where “everybody plays” and learns the value and joy of teamwork. Pilgrim’s college counselor is the director of achievement and works with students to set their personal goals beginning in ninth grade or earlier. This program continues whether online or in person, as does the rich and extensive diversity and inclusion programming. At Pilgrim School, the goal is to find the particular way that each child can thrive—as a student, an athlete, an artist, a member of the community, and most importantly, as a confident and caring individual.