In May, the Little Tokyo Service Center purchased the former Umeya Rice Cake factory in the area between Little Tokyo and Skid Row nicknamed “Skidrokyo” with the intention of making a fully affordable housing development. Documents filed last week with the Department of City Planning reveal updated and more specific plans for the site.

The existing site at 414 Crocker St. would be demolished, and replaced with a building holding 175 affordable housing units, as well as 8,691 square feet of ground-floor commercial space (original plans called for a maximum of 150 units). The site would also include 19 parking stalls and 125 spaces for bicycles. The budget and timeline for the project were not announced.

The Little Tokyo Service Center is also working, in conjunction with the Go for Broke National Education Center, to build an affordable housing project on a 0.858-acre City-owned lot along Temple Street near Alameda Street. The Little Tokyo Service Center is also the lead developer on the Terasaki Budokan, a recreation facility currently in construction at 237 S. Los Angeles St.