The plaza at City National 2 Cal is undergoing a major renovation, removing its trademark watercourt in favor of more green space and benches. The move sparked interest amongst curious minds on what the new space will be named, now that it is without its water feature. Now we have our answer. New signage at 2 Cal Plaza reveals the new name of the space as The Yard.

The work began in early 2019, which included gutting the 1.5-acre water court, and replacing it with grass, benches, potted plants and trees. The purpose of the renovation was two-fold: the first being to remove the nearly 43-feet that seperated the performance stage from the audience, and to prevent further water damage from leaking into the below-ground parking lot.

The watercourt had been hosting events for 32 years, staging several dozen shows each summer, with some drawing more than 5,000 people. Gensler designed the renovation. Renovations to the plaza are expected to be completed by the end of this year.