Central Library Reward

Central Library, $10,000 Reward, “Well of the Scribes” Missing Segment, 2/4/2020

The Los Angeles Public Library seriously wants its Well of Scribes back. After recovering a piece of the sculpture from Arizona last year, the Library is partnering with Alta Magazine to find the remaining piece and is fronting up to a $10,000 award for information that leads to their recovery.

The missing artwork, created by Lee Lawrie, previously sat in front of the Central Library from 1926 until 1969 when it went missing as the west lawn was raised to make room for a parking lot. The recovered piece displays six scribes from the Americas and Europe, with the remaining missing pieces depicting a Pegasus and scribes from the East. Alta Magazine told the Los Angeles Times that they have already hired a private investigator who has already tracked down multiple leads.

Anyone with information about the long lost pieces are encouraged to contact Alta Magazine at tips@altaonline.com.