Downtown Center Business Improvement District launched the “DTLA is Open” marketing campaign to increase the return of visitors to Downtown Los Angeles, encouraging them to get reacquainted with the restaurants, bars, arts and entertainment venues. 

The program promotes DTLA retailers, hotels, arts and culture venues such as MOCA, Disney Concert Hall and the Broad, and the area’s retail destinations, including FIGat7th, the Bloc and St. Vincent Jewelry Center. 

“We’re so happy,” said Suzanne Holley, DCBID president and chief executive officer, about the reopening. 

“It was very hard for, obviously, businesses, in our district. We’ve been back Downtown for a few months now. Like a lot of other businesses, we worked remotely for a period of time. When things started opening up and the cases were decreasing, we came down, kicked the tires and felt encouraged. It feels better and more vibrant every single day.” 

The new campaign runs through September and includes a photo contest and weekly gift card giveaways to recently reopened businesses and retailers.

“We have weekly gift card giveaways to attract people to restaurants,” Holley said. “We’re giving away four to five of those a week through social media. 

“We’re having a photo contest. There are a lot of great photographers Downtown. In June, July and August, we’re asking photographers to submit photos. We’ll have 10 winners each month. Each winner will receive a $150 gift card to some of the local businesses. It’s a great way to support the businesses and local artists, who are terrific.”

Holley said she feels emotional when she thinks about Downtown’s resurgence. 

“I see businesses that were boarded up and then people taking the boards down,” she added. “I get emotional just thinking about it. There were some businesses that did renovations thinking, ‘If we have to be closed anyhow, let’s come back better.’

“That’s very encouraging to see those kinds of projects completed. It’s great to see people I know and know that we’re reconnecting. I think when people started coming to Downtown LA, they seemed a little shellshocked. Downtown, for being a big city, it really is a community.”

The DCBID has been the catalyst in Downtown Los Angeles’ transformation into a vibrant 24/7 neighborhood. 

A coalition of more than 2,000 property owners in the central business district, the DCBID members are united in their commitment to enhance the quality of life in Downtown Los Angeles. It is bounded by the Harbor Freeway to the west, First Street to the north, Main and Hill streets to the east, and Olympic Boulevard to the south.

“The program will continue to evolve as the situation has,” Holley said. “If we see other opportunities, we’ll take advantage of that. That’s the one thing. We’re looking for opportunities to come out of this.”