Metro Blue Line.jpg

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s oldest rail line reopens next month, but when it does, it will do so with a new look and new name. On Nov. 2, the 22-mile Blue Line, that ferries riders between Long Beach and Downtown reopens albeit under the new moniker the A Line.

Portions of line had been closed since the end of January as crews worked on Metro’s $350-million New Blue renovation project that included a list of improvements to help make the route more efficient. The improvements included the addition of four crossover tracks, upgraded signal systems and new lighting and paint at the stations along the route. In concert with the renovations, last year, Metro approved a plan to change the names of the lines from colors, into letters.

Metro felt that with eight major bus and rail projects on the way, the agency was running out of distinct colors. To celebrate the reopening, Metro plans to offer free riders from Nov. 2-4.