The Curious Case of Brian Alexik
Brian Alexik was arrested in June, six weeks after fleeing his Reserve Lofts penthouse. He’s representing himself in court against a slew of charges. He maintains the police search of his apartment was illegal. Here, he listens to a Superior Court judge during a hearing in September. Photo by Gary Leonard.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - Brian Alexik, the former fugitive who was arrested last year for drugs, weapons and counterfeiting charges, was sentenced today to five years probation as part of a plea deal and released from custody.

Alexik, who was arrested on June 3, 2010, plead guilty to five felony charges; possession for sale of cocaine and methamphetamine; possession of "concentrated cannabis"; possession for sale of a controlled substance while armed; and forgery. Several additional weapons charges were dropped.

Judge Patricia Schnegg gave Alexik a suspended seven year prison sentence, with five years formal probation, said District Attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison. Any violation would result in prison time, Robison said.

Alexik has been representing himself in a drawn-out legal battle in which he sought to show that the police search of his apartment on April 19, 2010 was unconstitutional. In response to an alleged gas smell, authorities broke down his door in the Reserve Lofts at Grand Avenue and Olympic Boulevard, but Alexik fled.

While he was on the run, some police and media outlets likened him to fictional super-spy Jason Bourne. In the search of his apartment, authorities found $15,000 in counterfeit hundred dollar bills, drugs and an array of weapons.

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