A Decade of Bringing Back Broadway

District 14 Councilman Jose Huizar introduced a motion last week to study the possibility of removing cars from Broadway and creating a car-free pedestrian corridor through the heart of Downtown. The motion, filed on Wednesday, Feb. 12, instructs the Economic and Workforce Development Department, with assistance from the Bureau of Engineering, Department of Transportation and Department of City Planning, to report on the feasibility of barring cars between First and 12th streets. The motion draws on the councilman’s Bringing Back Broadway initiative, which seeks to revive Broadways commerce and pedestrian amenities.

“Creating pedestrian-friendly zones where people are out of the car and walking along the street will enhance businesses and contribute to the further revitalization of the area,” Huizar said in a prepared statement. “Pedestrian-friendly zones are a sure way of creating safer streets, a sense of community, and a connection between residents and local merchants.”

The motion is expected to be voted on within the next 30 days.