Karen Bass

Since 2011, Karen Bass has served as the U.S. representative for California’s 37th congressional district.

Democratic nominees Rick Caruso and Rep. Karen Bass are headed for a runoff election for L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti’s spot this November, according to county results data. The two candidates addressed supporters the night the results were announced.

“Tonight, we’re seeing the voters make a clear choice,” Bass said in a speech during her victory party. 

“They want leadership that is battle-tested, mission-driven and always fights for LA’s values. Tonight, the city will see that it’s hard to defeat a people power campaign.”

Bass represents the 37th Congressional District and was on President Joe Biden’s shortlist as a possible vice president. She has campaigned that she wants to focus on equatorial issues in the city.

Rick Caruso is a Republican-turned-Democrat billionaire businessman who made his fortune investing in high-end shopping centers and resorts. His campaign has focused especially on crime and homelessness, spending millions on TV and web ads.

“My fellow Angelenos, we can make this the city of our dreams,” he said in a written statement. “We can solve homelessness. We can curb crime. We can put city hall back in service of the people. Let’s do it together. We can make our dreams come true.”

Caruso brought in just over 133,000 votes, or 41%, of an early tally of mail-in ballots while Bass was right behind at almost 117,000 (38%), according to the data. Neither candidate earned 50% of the overall votes, which would have secured that candidate the winning spot; the two will face off at the runoff election on Nov. 8.

Kevin de Leon, the third-place candidate secured just over 7% of primary votes but has not announced which candidate he will endorse, if any. 

“My entire career, I’ve been fighting for the working people of Los Angeles — protecting their right to be treated with dignity and respect. Our primary campaign was no different,” he said in a statement. “The results of this election are certainly not what we hoped, but I will continue fighting on the city council for the people who make this city go.”