Central Division Gets a Germ-Fighting Robot

The LAPD’s Central Division headquarters in Skid Row was recently the focus of reports about unsanitary and unsafe working conditions. In response to the situation, the department has acquired a germ-zapping robot and installed other safety measures.

Late last month, Chief Michel Moore, along with Central Division Commanding Officer Capt. Timothy Harrelson, revealed the robot, called LightStrike; it resembles a trashcan on wheels and costs approximately $110,000.

The robot uses ultraviolent rays to disinfect areas around the 42-year-old station at 251 E. Sixth St. The department also purchased a device called HealthySoles that uses similar rays to disinfect shoes, a response to the unsanitary conditions on the street and in tent encampments around the Skid Row station.

The additions came in the wake of a report by the California Department of Industrial Relations that cited unsanitary conditions at the facility, including improper extermination services and a failure to provide an effective illness prevention-training program.

The LAPD is the first institution to utilize the robot.

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