LA City Attorney Mike Feuer

LA City Attorney Mike Feuer filed a nuisance abatement lawsuit against an alleged illegal underground nightclub operating out of a storefront in Downtown’s Fashion District.

LA City Attorney Mike Feuer filed a nuisance abatement lawsuit against an alleged illegal underground nightclub operating out of a storefront in Downtown’s Fashion District. 

Feuer said it’s allegedly been the site for shootings, assaults and other criminal activity while operating in violation of the mandated closures due to COVID-19.

The club is hidden in an alleyway behind a large metal gate at 114 S. Main Street. It’s been packing crowds of people and advertising pole dancing, hookah, music and a full bar without a license and against the COVID-19 safety regulations. 

“Our lawsuit seeks to permanently shut it down,” Feuer said in a press conference on December 14. 

“Packing people into an indoor space, an unlicensed nightclub, during a pandemic is the height of irresponsibility. That’s why licensed clubs are closed right now.” 

To anyone passing by, the storefront appears to be closed. There’s a large mural that says “LA Party Society” that covers most of the wall near the building’s parking lot. 

“We allege this club is a hub of violence and crime and that that violence and crime spills out into the streets in the surrounding community and puts everyone in that neighborhood at increased risk,” Feuer said. 

Feuer said the nightclub has spread the word through as a “secret club” on Instagram. The account is allegedly tied to the illegal nightclub that had fliers with this information in July and in November with #lapartysociety and tagged another account @lapartysociety.

“Over the past few months, despite public health orders aimed at stemming the pandemic, we allege the nightclub has operated and been the site of violence that spills out in the community,” Feuer said.

From July to September, there were five incidents, including a shootout and physical assaults.

The city attorney’s office filed the lawsuit against Frontier Holdings East LLC and Regal Group LLC, both of which have an ownership interest in the property, Feuer said. They are both managed by a man named David Tabah, a real estate investor with multiple properties and two separate ongoing criminal cases. One of the cases, Feuer said, is tied to an alleged illegal marijuana dispensary that is next door to the nightclub. 

Another defendant named in the official complaint is Yves Oscar Jr., whom, Feuer said, is an alleged tenant and operator of LA Party Society. Oscar was arrested in August on suspicion of sexual assault with an outstanding warrant and was allegedly carrying marijuana in his backpack.

Besides shutting down the alleged nightclub, Feuer hopes to identify it as a public nuisance and prevent the defendants from using the location unlawfully. The city attorney’s office is seeking civil penalties and fees from the defendants. 

Feuer also said his office has communicated with the Los Angeles Police Department about having the power and water potentially shut down at this location and that no one has been arrested as a result of this case.

“There’s a statewide concern about clubs operating during a pandemic and we know that that’s an issue,” Feuer said. “When it comes to clubs, in respect of their specific location in the city, I want to say that if our office is referred any matter about which there could be a potential unlawful gathering at an indoor gathering, we’re going to go after them.”

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