EightyTwo Shifts Back to the Golden Age of the Arcade

EightyTwo founders Scott Davids, left and Noah Sutcliffe plan to open their classic arcade and full bar by January 2014.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES — Start saving your quarters and get ready to answer that question from the golden age of the arcade: What’s your high score?

EightyTwo, a bar and old-school video arcade, is expected to open in the Arts District in January 2014. The venue at 718 E. Third St. will offer more than 40 fully restored arcade games and pinball machines from the 1960s to the ’90s.

Founded by native Angelenos Scott Davids, 33, and Noah Sutcliffe, 32, EightyTwo will offer the arcade, full bar and pinball machines in two rooms spanning 4,000 square feet. The project will also have a 1,700-square-foot patio. Architect Darin Johnstone will design a modern edifice from the 1980 storefront in an effort to showcase the machines as playable objects of art.

Davids and Sutcliffe said they have been playing video games since they were toddlers.

“The arcade culture changed the world and then, with a blink of an eye, arcades were replaced by more modern technology and home computing. It’s an era that should not be forgotten,” said Davids, whose first games were Pong and Space Invaders (with his dad).

Sutcliffe's inaugural play happened before he could reach the controller.

"I remember my grandparents trying to find me a box to stand on so I could play Battlezone at the L.A. County Fair when I was 3," he said.

Some of the games patrons will find at EightyTwo include Space Invaders, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Pac Man and his bow-wearing counter part, Dig Dug and Streetfighter II. In addition to gaming competitions, EightyTwo plans to host special events and art shows. For a full list of games, please click here.

As in 1982, games will cost two bits a pop. Larger sit-down games and pinball machines will be 50 cents a play.


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