Close-up Magician Siegfried Tieber to Bring New Show to Downtown

Siegfried Tieber’s ‘See/Saw’

DTLA—In the fall of 2017, close-up magician Siegfried Tieber caused jaws to drop with his solo show See/Saw. Nearly every performance in a tiny Historic Core space sold out, and now the Ecuador-born performer is returning. 

Last week, Tieber announced that his new show, Red Thread, will debut Oct. 3, and will run for six weeks until Nov. 10. There will six performances per week with shows limited to 34 audience members; tickets are $74.

The Close-Up Artist

Tieber, who also made a splash in 2017 when he appeared on the TV show “Penn & Teller: Fool Us” and stumped the magic masters with a card trick, describes Red Thread as an exploration of chance and chaos. “Every outcome is the starting point of further possibilities,” he said in a press release.

“It doesn’t take long before this starts to look like a labyrinth: some paths converge, some run parallel to each other, some are dead ends. Like the Greek mythological princess, Ariadne — who gave Theseus a thread when he entered the labyrinth — my hope is to take the audience with me and guide them through this journey.”

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