Corey and Kyle Seager

Corey and Kyle Seager finally played their first games against each other.

Corey and Kyle Seager, along with their other brother, Justin, have been in a sibling rivalry for as long as they can remember. 

That rivalry did not change when all three were playing professional baseball. Kyle, who is six years older than Corey and has been on the Seattle Mariners his entire career, and Corey, who has excelled in his few years in the Majors, finally played their first games against each other. 

And that first game was thrilling. Twenty combined runs, and a homerun from each brother. The Dodgers won 11-9 on August 17, and both Seager brothers did not disappoint. Before the first game started, Corey said he hopes his brother gets four hits and the Dodgers win. After it was all said and done, Kyle finished with three hits, and the Dodgers rallied for the comeback win. 

“There is always a little bit of rivalry,” Corey said. “We have our little homerun bets or our double bets. He pretty much wins homers every year and I pretty much win the doubles bet every year. I think it comes out to be pretty fair bets across the board.”

The anticipated meeting almost didn’t happen. Corey, who has battled injuries in his short career so far, was recovering from an injury leading up to the game. 

“I wasn’t thinking about that until I actually came back, and I realized I cut that one pretty close to almost doing that again to us,” said Corey. 

“He’s finding ways to dodge me,” his older brother responded. 

The rivalry did not start on the diamond. It started when all three brothers were living together before their professional careers started. 

“Kyle is a very good antagonizer,” Corey said. “He’s very good at knowing what buttons to push, knowing where to go, knowing how to go get it towards me. Kyle was very good at that but at the same time very supportive.”

Kyle might have been the assertive older brother, but on the inside, all he wants to see is his brothers succeed. 

“As competitive as we want to be, we are still rooting for each other,” Kyle said. “I love looking in the box score and seeing him have good games. Obviously, we are trying to compete with each other, but at the same time we are rooting for each other. 

As competitive as the two brothers are, each one wouldn’t mind taking something from the other. When asked what Corey would take from Kyle baseball-wise, he said Kyle’s speed would be nice to have, and when Kyle was asked, he wishes he could have some of Corey’s height.  

Before the start of the first game of the series, media got a perfect look at the rivalry of the two brothers. Youngest brother Justin rewarded $20 for the first brother who would say “avocado” in a sentence. When the first question was asked, Corey’s answer was simply “an avocado.” The two then went back and forth for a couple of seconds on who should win the money. Media got a firsthand look at the rivalry, and it continued into the first game of the series. 

In the second inning of game one, Kyle watched from third base as his younger brother jogged around the bases after hitting a massive three-run homerun. Just one inning later, Corey witnessed from shortstop his older brother’s homer. 

It was a fantastic first game against each other, and there will certainly be more bets and jabs the next couple of years when the two brothers play once again.