The Los Angeles Department of Public Health’s Dr. Barbara Ferrer said there’s no way to safely trick or treat this year in light of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“As for trick-or-treating, it shouldn’t happen this year,” Ferrer said during a recent press conference. “We don’t think it’s an appropriate activity during this pandemic. There’s no guarantee house owners will be healthy.”

Ferrer said there are viable options to celebrating Halloween. 

“We know that together we can find lots of ways to celebrate that are safe for children and families,” she said.

“We’re asking a lot of each other as we learn how to live through a pandemic. Being prepared, being flexible and constantly figuring out new ways to stay connected and have fun is our reality.”

Permitted Halloween activities include online parties and contests, car parades that comply with public health guidance, drive-in movie nights, meals at outdoor restaurants, art installations at outdoor museums, and dressing up homes and yards with Halloween-themed decorations.

Public health guidance for vehicle-based parades includes drive-by events or contests, with appropriate distancing, and drive-thru events where individuals remain in their vehicles to see displays or receive treat bags with nonperishable items. 

Not permitted are Halloween gatherings, events and parties with nonhousehold members; carnivals; festivals; live entertainment and haunted houses. 

The Department of Public Health is making the usual recommendation of wearing a cloth face covering, social distancing, and washing and sanitizing hands often. Avoid folks who are ill with coronavirus. 

“Every time we have seen transmission rates fall, our natural response is to let up and want to return to greater normalcy,” she said.

“This will be especially true as we’re going into the fall and winter months, when we have a number of important religious and secular holidays. But, unfortunately, what we have learned over the last seven months is that we cannot return to normal at this time. We actually need to maintain even more vigilance so we can continue to suppress the spread of the virus and get to a place where we can safely reopen additional sectors.”

Info: publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/coronavirus