County Teams Up With Homeboy Industries
photo by Gary Leonard

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles County is again partnering with Homeboy Industries to help parolees find jobs. On Wednesday, Nov. 7, the County Board of Supervisors voted to enter into a $650,000 contract with the Downtown-based gang prevention and intervention program to provide tattoo removal, job placement and other services to County-referred probationers.

The partnership aims to help more than 300 people by June 30 (when the contract ends). The nonprofit established and led by Father Gregory Boyle has helped about 12,000 former gang members and at-risk youth get back on their feet through job training and job placement services, including through Homeboy’s well-known bakery. The Chinatown-based entity also has a cafe and a silk screening business. The contract with the county continues Homeboy’s economic recovery — in 2010, the organization encountered financial difficulties and shocked many in the city with the announcement that it would lay off 300 people. It has slowly bounced back with fundraisers, donations and a previous $1.3 million contract with the county.

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