Cyberpunk-Inspired Nightlife Pop-Up Coming to the Historic Core

This week Angelenos can head to Broadway to experience how the 1980s envisioned the future. Neotropolis Bar is a new pop-up bar in the Historic Core set to run for a month starting on Friday, Nov. 1. The space is based on the cyberpunk genre, with neon, noir-inspired décor, retro televisions and plenty of Japanese-influenced advertisements.

November 2019 is the month and year that Ridley Scott’s seminal 1982 cyberpunk film Blade Runner was set in, although this pop-up has no official ties to that movie. But Blade Runner and many of the cyberpunk stories of the 1980s were filmed or set in Downtown Los Angeles and rooted in the city’s diversity and history of noir. The space comes from event planners who worked on the post-apocalyptic-themed Wasteland Weekend event.

Neotropolis Bar will include actors in-character as patrons of the imagined future world. Tickets are $82. Tickets and more information are at