DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – Police arrested 81 women and seven men in a Nov. 5 raid of Club 907, a Downtown hostess club at 907 S. Hill St. that investigators believe has become a hot spot for prostitution.

Most of the suspects were charged with using fake identification for purposes of employment, a felony and a local violation of the club’s conditional use permit, said Lt. Paul Vernon.

Police also filed conspiracy to commit prostitution charges against several suspects, including the males who were arrested, Vernon said.

The mass arrests came as the result of a Friday night raid that was the culmination of a two-month investigation by the Central Area vice unit. Police obtained a search warrant prior to the bust.

Hostess dance clubs charge mostly male clients a half-hourly rate to pick one of the venue’s women hostesses to dance with and spend time. The clubs do not sell alcohol, and are not permitted to provide adult entertainment.

The false identification charges are considered serious because they often go hand-in-hand with human trafficking, Vernon said.

“It’s often a symptom of that—between some of them being illegal and perhaps being placed in a position to work off some indentured servitude,” Vernon said.

That’s why hostess clubs generally have a condition attached to their use permit that requires employers to keep their workers’ identification records on hand. Club 907’s conditional use permit will be subject to review, though no hearing has yet been set and the club continues to operate.

Club management was not immediately available to comment.

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