It’s still more than two decades until the year 2040, but the Department of City Planning is looking ahead at how to best reshape zoning and development-related laws in Downtown Los Angeles ahead of that time. Early this month, the department released a new draft of the Downtown Community Plan.

With Downtown expected to have more than 200,000 residents by that time, it calls for partitioning the community into 10 different land-use designations, and setting up certain limitations and options for what can be built in various neighborhoods. A key part of the proposed zoning changes is to encourage developers to build greater amounts of workforce and affordable housing, including for artists. In Skid Row, the Department wants to adjust zoning and land use laws to allow for the development of more supportive housing. The document also aims to facilitate the creation of new parks across the Central City, and improve the quality of streets and sidewalks.

The full plan can be viewed at