Dockless Scooters  Should Be in Downtown

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s one-year pilot program for dockless scooters and bicycles began last week, and now crews have begun work to identify and affix signage to zones where riders and operators can leave the personal mobility devices.

According to Oliver Hou, a representative for LADOT, on Thursday, March 14, crews began installing at least 15 “drop zones” throughout Downtown Los Angeles.

The zones are anywhere from six square feet to four-by-six feet in size, and signage is painted or otherwise affixed to the ground so riders can find them. The location of the zones was not available at press time.

When riders finish with a device but a drop zone is not nearby, they are asked to leave devices in a spot that does not impede pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk.

People can report improperly parked vehicles through the city’s 311 reporting system. 

Updated: Friday, March 15, 9:50 a.m.

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