DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – Andrew Meieran, proprietor of the Edison and the developer behind the ongoing renovation of Clifton’s Cafeteria, plans to open a retail shop at Seventh and Spring streets dealing in eclectic home furnishings and accessories.

Kinetescape will occupy the corner space in the Bartlett Building, a condo property where Meieran owns the commercial slots. The shop will sell furniture, lighting and “all things unique,” Meieran said, from 1920 amusement park games and machines to Art Deco lighting fixtures and specialty paper products.

“We need to sort of focus on retail in that corridor, which is under-served and you have a remarkable community of people with remarkable spaces and no place to furnish them,” Meieran said. “You want to show people what can be done and what is available.”

Currently under construction, the shop is set to open within 45 days, he said. Prices for goods will range from $3 to $10,000, he said.

Kinetescape would join Historic Core home furnishing depots (Sub)Urban Home, at Fifth and Main streets, and I Squared at Eighth and Spring streets.

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Oh good, another discount store in downtown. Why do people with such an allegedly high median income need a Ross, a Target and now a Home goods? Big box discount stores do not make places nicer.


This is really exciting. I'm so happy to see more retail in the neighborhood.

I would just like to point out that FLEA on 6th street between Spring and Main also carries home decor, i.e. furniture, art, antiques, collectables, accessories, etc. I was the first store down here that carried any type of home furnishings and have also provided interior design and professional organizing services along with our merchandise for over 3 years now.


Julie Tomaiko Anderson, what in the name of sweet flying holy ratbiscuit are you talking about? This is not another discount store, did you not read where it says items will be priced from $3 to $10,000?


It is a great idea and I can not wait to check your home products. I recently repaired my air conditioning system, using the Eastern Tech's services and in this process I threw some kitchen appliances and now I have to replace them. I am sure I will find everything I need in your store.

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