Dine with Purpose

Dine with Purpose offers a $20 giveback to customers who spend $50 at one of the participating restaurants with a single transaction.

FIGat7th wanted to support its restaurants and the greater community, so the manager of retail marketing, Leah Ross, created Dine with Purpose to do just that.

“Basically, I created the program so we could invite FIGat7th patrons to get $20 back on dining at one of our 15 restaurants and eateries, including Mendocino Farms, The Melt, George’s Greek Grill and Oleego By Parks BBQ,” Ross said. 

“I just wanted to make it really easy, so customers have to spend $50 or more in a single transaction and then they submit the receipt to dinewithpurpose.com.”

This program runs until December 30.

Another way for customers to start the process to receive the $20 is by texting DINEFIG at 811811.

“We have a couple of very easy ways for people to do this, and it encourages people to go and maybe get a meal, like a Friday night date night meal or get a Sunday family meal, and spend that $50 or more in that single transaction and get this really great reward of $20,” Ross said.

Ross called the program a “win-win” because customers are getting something and “the restaurant doesn’t have to put any funds to support this promotion. It’s all being done by FIGat7th.”

The reward is in the form of a digital gift card that does not need to be used at FIGat7th, but Ross hopes that people do to help “support the restaurants.”

Owner of George’s Greek Grill Kamyar “Kam” Ajzachi thinks the program is “a good idea for something to give back to the community.

“We always appreciate what they offered to help out, and we are always happy to help out as well,” Ajzachi said. “I think it will definitely increase sales and get more people that don’t normally have the budget to dine out as much because of the whole COVID-19 situation, it will give them a little bit more leeway to be able to dine out and enjoy eating away from home.”

For two decades Ajzachi and George’s Greek Grill have been at FIGat7th. They were fortunate to stay open during the pandemic, only closing when it was mandatory due to “riots and the looting,” according to Ajzachi.

“George’s Greek Grill is a fixture there at FIGat7th, and people love the food,” Ross said. “They love the sense of community that they get from eating there and getting food from there.”

The senior director of marketing for Mendocino Farms, Riki Swindler, was “pleasantly surprised” when she was told about the program.

“We did not have any real heads-up about it, and I think it’s incredible to see the stuff that FIGat7th is doing—such an amazing initiative to support the local community and to help create the dining communities,” Swindler said. “It’s been a great part of our mission since we opened, so we feel very lucky to be partnering with them on this and being able to be part of it.”

Swindler hopes the program will “fuel the fire to bring business back at FIGat7th” to help the struggling restaurants during this time.

“I think like a lot of restaurants, our world was turned upside down back in March and there was a lot of quick thinking on our feet and pivoting that we needed to do so we could continue to be a viable and safe option for our guests,” Swindler said. 

“We did a lot of adapting kind of how the ordering worked in our stores. We did a lot of kind of increased cleanliness and safety measure improvements. And we put a lot more focus on kind of rolling out and improving our digital ordering offerings and even coming out with an app during the COVID-19 frames to make it as easy and safe as possible to continue to make food available to the local community.”

Swindler said a “big thank you to FIGat7th” on the conference call with Ross, who replied with a “you’re welcome” and that she does it “for you guys and for the restaurant community.” Ross also uses the app to order at Mendocino Farms.

In addition to Dine with Purpose, there is also Share with Purpose.

“There is a Share with Purpose program. It comes when (customers) post a photo of their meal on Instagram with #DineFIGat7th, and FIGat7th will donate an additional $20 to the Social Justice Learning Institute—up to $10,000—that will go toward their response to food insecurity caused by COVID-19,” Ross said.

“When we were looking to choose the organization for the community component of this promotion, we really wanted to benefit an organization tied to both COVID-19 relief and social justice issues. So, the Social Justice Learning Institute really was best for that.”

For more information about the program, go to dinewithpurpose.com.