Humanity Heroes

Humanity Heroes’ founder, entrepreneur Michael “BigMike” Straumietis, right, passes out masks to the homeless with the help of volunteers.

To help stem the tide of COVID-19 among the homeless of Skid Row, Humanity Heroes donated 17,000 face masks to homeless shelters in Los Angeles. That includes 2,500 face masks to the Hollywood Food Coalition. 

“There is such a concern about the easy spread of this virus to people who are living outside,” said Executive Director Sherry Bonanno of Hollywood Food Coalition. “Having these masks and distributing them is hugely helpful.”

Humanity Heroes also donated 5,700 face masks to Homeless Healthcare of Los Angeles, which provides the homeless with a 24/7 hygiene center known as the “Refresh Spot” with access to handwashing stations, showers, clean restrooms and laundry facilities for Skid Row. 

“It’s amazing that Humanity Heroes is able to do this, and I just can’t thank them enough. This is beautiful,” said Director Mark Casanova of Homeless Healthcare of Los Angeles.

Additionally, 700 N95 masks were donated to Providence St. Joseph Medical Center for the brave doctors and nurses who face this pandemic head-on.

In preparation for the increased burden on the homeless caused by this tragic pandemic, Humanity Heroes is also reaching out to any organizations that are willing to donate items for their “Humanity Packs.”

Humanity Heroes’ founder, entrepreneur Michael “BigMike” Straumietis, said the homeless were grateful for the masks. To date, the organization has donated more than $450,000 in nonperishable items to the LA homeless community.

“It was sorely needed,” Straumietis said about the masks. “The reaction was extremely positive. The homeless are not practicing safe distancing. They’re in packs. 

“There are more homeless people down there than all the other times I’ve been there. The city of LA needs to get down there and do whatever they can. It’s a major infestation point that’s about to detonate.”