City officials last Wednesday announced the formation of a team to help the Jewelry District modernize its buildings and practices. More importantly, the state has been brought on board to help along the process, and have pledged create a comprehensive training program for property owners and tenants who manufacture jewelry.

Leaders from the local jewelry industry, the Downtown Center Business Improvement District and the Central City Association have been working for more than a year to create guidelines to increase safety and reduce hazards from chemical emissions, poor ventilation and toxic waste removal.

"The news was that we brought the state to the table and they are prepared to work with us to help the industry flourish," said Carol Schatz, president of the Central City Association.

Schatz noted that the guidelines are not a result of any "major problems," but asserted that the regulatory agencies are simply looking at letter of the law to make sure guidelines are developed to prevent accidents. The guidelines have already passed the city's Fire Commission, and await state approval.

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