Nearly two years before the election, Fifth District City Councilman Paul Koretz has announced a bid to run for City Controller in 2022, the same year that the three-time councilman will be termed out from his City Council seat. Koretz announced the move on Tuesday, Dec. 31 while making the plea that his background in fiscal responsibility will be better served as City Controller; Koretz has served on the City’s Budget and Finance Committee since first being elected in 2009.

Koretz, who also served as a member of the state assembly, from 2000 to 2006, served on body’s Revenue and Tax Committee and also served as chief of staff of former state Board of Equalization Chairman Brad Sherman. The City Controller essentially functions as a chief accounting officers and auditor for the city, releasing reports on payroll and spending habits. Current City Controller Ron Galperin recently released a report criticizing the rollout of Proposition HHH funds and shelter construction for the region’s growing homeless population.

Galperin will also be termed out in 2022. Koretz has represented the Fifth District, which includes parts of the Westside, Encino and Oak Forest Canyon, since first being elected. Koretz is barred from officially forming a campaign committee to begin official campaign work until March, the same month that of the upcoming primary election.