Book Festival Back at USC

As fears related to the spread of the coronavirus worsens, the Los Angeles Times is cancelling two of its most popular events. The newspaper announced on Tuesday, March 10 that it was postponing both its Food Bowl and the Festival of Books. The Festival of Books, which is typically held on the University of Southern California campus in April, has been moved to Oct. 3-4, while the Food Bowl, which has been held in Downtown in May, will be moved to an unannounced date in fall.

The Times issued the following statement after announcing their decision: “As we make plans to host the Festival of Books and Food Bowl in the fall, we will continue to monitor developments with the coronavirus in Southern California, and cross-reference with any guests who may be traveling to Southern California from affected areas to participate in our events.”

The two events are just two of the latest events subject to cancellation or postponement since the outbreak began, including the cancellation of SXSW two weeks ago, the 2020 Game Developers Conference and a number of local community events.