Downtown LA rally

A Downtown LA rally celebrates and defends the police.

Los Angeles police officers and their supporters rallied in front of the LAPD Headquarters at 100 W. 1 Street in Downtown Los Angeles on July 11.

The rally was organized by the community for the community, and its successful purpose was to defend, support and celebrate the LAPD’s police reform. 

A brochure promoting the event read, “Come show our officers how much we need and appreciate them. We want to show officer appreciation and make a positive impact.” 

More than 500 people—including officers, their families, clergy members and Angelenos—were there. Becky Martin, a director of the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL), was at the rally. 

“The rally was very positive, very upbeat. Policing is important in the City of LA. We’re headed in the right direction,” Martin said.

Supporters cheered and waved signs reading, “Blue Lives Matter,” “LAPD Mom’s Support You!,” “Proud Immigrant Parents From Ecuador. My son has served: 8 years in USMC. 12 years in LAPD. I’m here for my son! LAPD deserves respect,” “LAPD Protects Our Families & Our Communities,” “God Bless the LAPD,” “Defend the Police,” “I Support Our Cops,” “Show me backing LAPD,” “Blessed are the Peacemakers Matthew 5:9,” and “United We Stand Divided We Fall,” and chanted, “LAPD.”

Police Chief Michel Moore was at the rally and addressed the supporters. 

“There’s work for us to do, but we’re committed to reform, and it’s good to take a moment to remind ourselves of the progress that has been made in areas like diversity, use of force, and training,” Moore said.