The Library of Congress has a new exhibit at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, this one, dedicated solely to street murals. The exhibit, which is comprised of 30 images from the archives of photographers Carol M. Highsmith and Camilo José Vergara, is located in the venue’s Ira Gershwin Gallery and celebrate Los Angeles’ connection to murals.

The photographs were taken from 1997 to 2016, and a map of each mural location is provided to mark their original location. The murals depict a wide range of subjects, from Martin Luther King Jr. to sports figures like the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant and James Worthy. The exhibit will wrap up Sept. 2020.

“Los Angeles is home to a flourishing artistic community with a number of highly talented street artists and muralists whose work portrays the many cultures of our vibrant county and provides a vibrant backdrop to our daily lives,” Rachel Moore, president and CEO of The Music Center said in a prepared statement. “The Music Center is thrilled to be able to provide a platform that highlights this art form and the many murals that are part of the fabric of LA.”