Skid Row’s currently empty Drake Hotel might not be that way much longer.

According to documents filed recently with the successor to the Community Redevelopment Agency, building owner David Duel plans to modernize the edifice’s infrastructure and turn it into an affordable housing facility.

The three-story property at 675 Kohler St. was built in 1922 as a hotel, and later became an apartment building. Most recently it served as a single-room occupancy building for low-income tenants.

Only eight of the 33 rooms currently have bathrooms; Duel plans to add bathrooms to the other 25. Rents would be restricted to people making less than 40% of the area median income, and Duel would enter into a covenant to ensure the building serves low-income tenants for at least 55 years.

Construction is expected to last nine months, and will begin once building permits are secured. The budget was not revealed.

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