New Spice Table and Another Restaurant by Bryant Ng Coming to Downtown

Husband and wife team Bryant Ng and Kim Luu-Ng opened The Spice Table in Little Tokyo. 

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - Although Bryant Ng’s Spice Table in Little Tokyo will be forced to close due to the coming $1.37 billion Regional Connector, it won’t be the end for the celebrated restaurant, as was previously expected.

Ng, who told Los Angeles Downtown News earlier this year that the restaurant would not reopen after it was forced to close has changed his mind. He is now looking for a location to reopen the restaurant as soon as the original closes. At the same time, he hopes to open yet an additional Downtown eatery.

“He plans to keep it open as long as he can and simultaneously look for a new location,” said Katie Brucker, a spokeswoman for the restaurant.

Ng plans on opening the new Spice Table, which would maintain the same Singaporean/Vietnamese menu, in six to 12 months, Brucker said.

 Details on the concept for the second eatery are uncertain, but Brucker said Ng is angling to also open in within 12 months.

 As of now, and until it closes, the Spice Table will be open only for dinner due to recent flooding that resulted from plumbing problems, Brucker said.

The Spice Table occupies a more than 100-year-old building on Central Avenue. The brick edifice’s unique design and Little Tokyo location, Ng has said in the past, made the site irreplaceable.

Plans for the Regional Connector call for Metro to displace the Spice Table, Weiland’s Brewery and Señor Fish to make way for an underground light rail station.


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