City Hall Lawn

The two-month Occupy L.A. encampment killed the grass on the South Lawn of City Hall.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - The Occupy L.A. encampment at City Hall left behind 25 tons of debris, killed more than an acre of grass and will cost the city up to $400,000. The protestors also left officials with a question: Should the city replant the grass, or rethink the landscaping, possibly replacing thirsty turf with native plants?

The subject gets a public airing on Tuesday, Jan. 10, when officials from the city Department of Recreation and Parks discuss their options at a meeting of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council.

Three initial alternatives include an option to simply reseed the grassy south and north lawns, and other concepts that would give more square footage to drought-tolerant plants. Officials say native landscapes cost more to plant and maintain than grass. Some calling for a reduction in the turf around City Hall say that drought-tolerant plants would nevertheless save taxpayers in the long run because they require less water.

The Tuesday meeting is at 6:30 p.m. at the Los Angeles Theatre, 615 S. Broadway.